108 comments on “Crystal Ball!

  1. I think Ponder does just good enough to stay on the team, but the team drafts his replacement in the first 3 rounds of the 2014 draft.

    That’s hard for me to admit, because I took a big chance buying an Elite #7 jersey at the end of Ponder’s rookie year.

    • Exactly my thoughts Parody. We are lacking real leadership!

      “I am Gandalf the White,….and I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide!”


      “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”
      …General George S. Patton, JR.

  2. Ponder helped score 17 points. He had nothing to do with AP busting the first play open. He also cost us many potential points because of the 2 interceptions and several poorly thrown balls killing drives. In today’s NFL, 17 points isn’t going to get you a lot of wins, particularly when your D gave up 34.

    He still makes the same footwork errors, the same judgment errors, and throws the ball like a 5th grade spelling bee champ, just like he has the last 3 years.

    I don’t get upset being beat by a superior team, IF that’s the reason you got beat – they were better and beat you at your best.

    Ponder is not our best. For someone who was touted as “highly intelligent” he hasn’t shown the ability to learn or change in 3 years.

    “Ponder’s a fit for a West Coast team that would allow him to use his good footwork and proficiency in the short passing game. Could become a starter if given time and decision making improves. Uses his feet to buy extra time, leave the pocket to throw, or take off and running for first downs. Exhibits the physical and mental toughness you like to see. Has enough arm strength but doesn’t put elite zip on the ball and will try to fit it into too many tight spots downfield. Ponder has slowly climbed up boards, and he is almost certain to go in the second round.”

    Send him West.

    • All valid points, but give the offensive line some credit too. They have received credit of being a better than average group, but they were doing horribly all day yesterday – never giving AP a hole (except for the first snap) and allowing guys past them pretty much immediately once the ball was snapped on both running and passing plays.

      • 100% with you on the run game – that’s on the O-line – hard to run the ball when AP is getting tackled about the same time as receiving the ball.

        But, if 4 D-line guys are coming through nearly every play, that means 2 TEs, a RB, and a slot WR are wide open for a 4-5 yard dump. 3 of those equals a fresh 4 downs. Bad on Ponder for not checking down, bad on Musgrave for not planning for it.

        Send them both West.

  3. Speaking of bad Offensive Coordinators, is anybody watching the Redskins shoot themselves in the foot? Yea, the RB should have caught the ball, but is it even worth the risk to pitch the ball back 5-yards deep in the endzone? A good blitz, and even if he caught the ball, he wouldn’t have been quick enough to avoid the safety.

  4. Looks like Simpson is going to make the most out of his second chance with us. He obviously has Ponder’s confidence, no way he was able to get open more than Wright and Jennings.

    I would not be surprised to see his name at the top of WR stats this year.

  5. What gets me is frazier stands behind ponder no matter how bad he sucks. He throws the o line and the D under the bus and wont play the new guys on the team. He could win so many more games if he trusted the right players but it like fucking high school where the guys that kiss more ass get to play. That detroit game was embarssing.

  6. We need a franchise man. And a real one.


    Just saw a Polident commercial that says you will lose an average of seven socks in your life. Who the heck only loses 7 socks? Who even cares enough to keep track that long?! Who gets polled this question and says “I have only ever lost one sock.” UUUGHGHHH I HATE THE LIONS!!!

  7. Letroy Guion and Fred Evans just don’t cut it as regular DT’s on every down. can’t wait for Williams to get back and hopefully Floyd can start with him. the middle of the defense got handled pretty bad yesterday…

  8. This is, without question, the toughest match-up for the Vikings in the first quarter of the season. Ponder’s still trying too hard to be patient instead of trust his gut and get the ball out fast on the short routes. Frazier straightens out the run blocking and helps AD get 150-yards, Walsh connects on another deep field goal with the wind at his back to keep his streak going, but it’s not enough and the Vikings lose in Chicago, 17-21.

  9. As badly as it pains me to say this…….the Bears blitz early and often, rattling our excuse for a QB, our running game is useless when we get behind early, the constant vanilla offense causing 3-and-outs has the Vike’s defense worn out by the middle of the 3rd quarter and suing the offense for non-support, 3 Ponder picks =
    Bears 34-16

    • I don’t agree with Simpson being on the bubble – he’s the only one who amounted to anything Sunday. Guion? Yep. J-Rob? Yep – he needs to really step it up. Mitchell? Yep – put Bishop or Mauti in. Line? Yep – AP needs blockers.

  10. Irish my naked potato of a friend, do you have any pictures of a kangaroo, a koala, a dingo (could be eating a baby(that may have gone to far)), other Australian animals, and a baked potato or skinned(naked) potato?
    If so can you possibly send them to me. Doing a photoshop thing for school.

  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1766112-was-ndamukong-suhs-chop-block-on-vikings-center-john-sullivan-dirty
    Date Opponent Infraction Penalty
    11/22/12 Houston Texans Personal Foul-kicks Matt Schaub in the groin $30,000 fine
    11/24/11 Green Bay Packers Personal Foul-stomps on Evan Deitrich-Smith’s arm after a play Two-game suspension
    12/5/10 Chicago Bears Personal Foul-forearm shiver to Jay Cutler’s helmet Fined $15,000
    11/14/10 Buffalo Bills Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fined $5,000
    2010 Preseason Cleveland Browns Personal Foul–grabbed & twisted Jake Delhomme’s facemask Fined $7,500

  12. It concerns me that all Frazier can say about Sunday was “we gotta do better” in virtually all aspects of the game, “we gotta do better” . To me, that spells trouble. No kidding we gotta do better, but why did we not do better??? How could we not have planned for Reggie Bush and the screen? And why oh why can we NEVER make adjustments like other good teams????

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