Post Game Discussion…Vikings lose 34-24


The force was not with us today.

By vikingology

116 comments on “Post Game Discussion…Vikings lose 34-24

  1. Top three reasons we lost (in order)
    1) Defense
    If you want to call it defense-Speilman needs to get Winfield to come back for one last year.

    2) Musgrave
    This is a big “Red Flag” for me considering the so-called new weapons we have. Speilman needs to get on the horn with Billick ASAP.

    3) Ponder
    Although he did push the ball downfield better, he is too erratic. Hats off to Simpson for having a big game.

    Speilman will be busy this week. Frazier needs to tell Musgrave that a lead isn’ t safe with 35 minutes to go in the game.



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  3. SoCal, I was taught by the old timer “Spencer”. I will pass on the knowledge to make you dangerous…

    First and most importantly, copy a valid photo file URL with your mouse.

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  4. Ponder should be done. Noodle arm, not accurate, poor decision making, looks receivers down. Our guys are open, he just has to pass the ball. We need a new OC. His play calling is horrible, and it’s not very good either.

  5. I say use the guy who slept in his car, just to make practice. But first give Cassel a try. He may do something. Castles and Vikings go together. Then M.B.T.

    If the same sh!t happens again, put Mauti and Webb in.

    T E A M !

  6. Detroit has a strong D-line but a weak secondary-That would lead me to believe more mid-range and deep routes early, and then come back to Peterson when the D is on their heels.
    Our D line should have had a huge day with a Detroit make-shift O-line, but they outplayed them.

  7. well coached teams are prepared and execute their roles relative to their assignments/capabilities. If that is not effective against opponents, well coached teams make the necessary adjustments….

  8. Congrats Titus! I am currently having crow for dinner lol! Who ever posted the question about streaming on, download a different browser like puffin. But be prepared to get an Asian date! Also try, I had better luck with that.

  9. Everyone calm down– I predicted this a month or two ago– but I also saw it as a wake-up call. This may be a blessing in disguise. The veterans will definitely push this team — they all know that you cannot take any team or any week for granted. Better to learn this in week one than in week 6 or week 10. Teams that win championships dig down deep after adversity– Vikings and their fans have historically had the mindset that they have to win 10 in a row to have a shot. It’s as though we are on a tightrope and one small error, and we think it’s over. NO. We need a NEW PARADIGM. I like the way the Giants have won over the past 10 years or so– they can have some real low points, but they dust themselves off and correct their mistakes, work harder, and dig into their willpower to fight harder the next week. Watch out, Bears.

  10. Hey everyone. Rocksalt – nice to see you back.

    It is too early to start booing Ponder? I’m starting to think about doctoring a #7 Uni to say Blunder (like that woman who got kicked out of Brewer’s game because she turned Braun into Fraud)

    • Seriously – he’s doing the same shit he did in his first year. I can understand not being productive when you go up against a good defense (and the Lions’ defense being good is debatable), but you still should have good mechanics even though you lost.

      Yeah, our D shouldn’t be giving up 34 points, though. Musgrave’s genius idea of using the same game plan as last year because nobody will expect it, fooled them for one play. He must like the R2P2 nickname.

  11. yes Ponder was erratic (to be expected most of the time),but the O-line stunk it up with him. yes Detroit has a good D-line,but these 2 guards of ours was getting blown by and stunted on most of the game. these guys seem only good at run blocking most of the time…

  12. Seems like our O-line is only good at run blocking. Ponder was erratic at times this game (he gets the blame also),but our O-line (especially the guards) was getting blown by and stunted on all game. Either Ponder’s hanging up ducks,throwing across his body,or the O-line is collapsing on him and he’s running for his life…

  13. I can not blame Ponder as much for the interception caused when Suh was able to hit his arm resulting in a floater. Before his arm was hit it seemed like he was gonna throw it away, which would have been a good decision and for some ungodly reason Musgrave had Ponder roll left, Ponder is not very good going to his left.

    • It was a disappointing game for the whole team, except Blair Walsh, Harry Smith, and Jared Allen. Before people start gettin too high on Simpson don’t forget he casued that first interception, ball went right through his hands. Can you imagine the score if Detroit didn’t act like Detroit and make so many stupid mistakes?? Our D got worked fellas.

  14. Speaking of bears, my Mother shot one this weekend. Took it to the taxidermist – he measured it and it made State record book, missed Boone & Crockett by 5/16th of an inch.

    She’s a badass!

    Hopefully this bodes well for us against the Bears next Sunday.

  15. So that’s what’s holding up the draft? I was going crazy trying to figure out where the draft link was! I was going to be late and miss my first pick because I couldn’t find it…but it turns out that it was never there!

  16. On the brighter side, I fixed my wife’s carpet scrubber tonight!! No, that’s not a euphemism for vagina. Spin brush broke off inside the motor. No, that’s not a euphemism for my erectile problems.

    Shit….quitting while I’m way behind.

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