2nd Half



This man has been poison! Continue the discussion…

By greatirishpotatofamine

97 comments on “2nd Half

  1. This is the beginning of the end. The lions take over the game now that they know Ponder can’t throw a football yet. This game is over, and I got bad feelings about the rest of the year. OP has it right, Ponder is poison…… This guy has got to go. I’m so pissed with this crap!!!!!!

  2. Both quarters Titus. He’s the only quarterback that gets intercepted throwing it out of bounds. If Singletary walked onto the field and slapped him in the face that would be fine with me.

  3. look if the 9-7 giants can win a superbowl then anythings possible,im not worried goin forward,we barely beat the jags at home our first game last year and then BOOM,we still went to the playoffs,we got a lot of games left

  4. I blame the out come of this game on our defense and that bastard musgrave,ponder is to blame also but i think he did better then i expected plus he did better considering adrian couldnt do much the rest of the game

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