COMBAT!! Game 1.


The Vikings travel to Detroit to take on the Lions in week 1. Finally we get to see if our new offensive toys are really gonna help Ponder get to the next level.

christian-ponder (1)

It’s gonna be a good old school bone bruising battle of the NFC North! Let’s hope our boys come out and shock the world!!

And yes, the score prediction game is in full effect. After my shift tonight I will add the latest of your score predictions to the widget over there>
This years prize is a signed Peterson jersey. SKOL V.F.B. and SKOL VIKES!!

119 comments on “COMBAT!! Game 1.

    • Just gave myself a thumbs up to balance the thumbs down– what and who is thumbs downing every post? I do hope the Vikings win, but in my original forecast a month or two ago, I did predict this first game was going to surprise us- but in a good way– the team will rebound and not take any part of the schedule for granted. I think my final prognostication was 12-4.

  1. TITUS’ OFFICIAL PREDICTION – Lions 34, Vikes 27– I repeat, this is my real prediction, considering we are playing for the coveted signed Peterson jersey, I will divorce any and all emotional attachments to any team.

  2. Titus
    09/07/2013 @ 1:45 PM
    Even though, deep down, I am concerned about this game, I will still declare the Vikes the winner– I think our veterans will make it happen– and our D will come out strong. I think we struggle early and may be behind at the half. But AP will have a monster game.

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    Waffle much ????

  3. AND NO– I don’t waffle. The stakes changed, so I thought I would go on a limb — especially considering no one has chosen the Lions. I could take a decisive first week advantage toward my jersey.


  5. Titus-you might want to check the rules of the weekly score predictions of VFB before you assume ant said advantages…if I remember right, it doesn’t matter who you pick as the winner.
    The rules are very complex and can only be deciphered by the most cunning of bartenders.

  6. So basically how close you come to predicting the Vikings points, Say you are off by two. Well that gives you two points. Then you see how close you were to predicting the enemies score, say you were three away. That gives you a point toral of five. The guy with the lowest point total wins the ‘jersey point’ that week. If there is a tie between two or more bloggers, all get a jersey point. Most points at end of regular season gets the signed Peterson jersey.

  7. No need to explain the rules HCG, I’ll be winning that jersey. FYI I started playing the contest last year mid season and now possess a new helmet for my efforts. I have a system, a “Vegas” system.

  8. I posted this a while ago but if you purchase the Madden 25 Anniversay edition thru Amazon it comes with a code card for NFL Sunday Ticket to stream all games. I bought the game for $99 and then kept the code card and sold the game for $60. So I got Sunday Ticket for $40, actually $39

  9. Minnesota Vikings football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A classy SKOL to all my VFB brothers, and to another season of watching our favorite team. Long live VFB!!! GIPF – It’s 9:09 AM here and im bare-assed SEND!

  10. HCG… might want to post that link as a ‘small application’ at the top pf the blog for everyone…..Notice I said ‘small application’ because ‘widget’ is politically incorrect.

  11. Wish I could get on the blog during the game to chat up with you guys.but after the game it’s straight to work. Can’t haul laptop to work unfortunately,nevertheless,let’s make it happen today Vikes…

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