NFL Season Kickoff!

The game is starting now Image

Death to Packers!


By greatirishpotatofamine

128 comments on “NFL Season Kickoff!

  1. The Original

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  2. The “C’mon Man” crew is going to have it pretty easy this week. They already have at least 4-plays that they can throw into their lineup this week (which genreally includes 5-plays a week).

    #1) Harbaugh not throwing the flag on the pass completion that tipped the ground.
    #2) The blocker on the return team who ran into his returner.
    #3) The blocker on the return team, who after the refs blew the whistle on a fair catch slammed the defender to the ground.
    #4) The LB who flipped the ball behind him just before crossing the goal line on the interception.

    C’MON MAN!

  3. I’ll be heading up north after work today, no computer access. If anyone else posts a score prediction over the weekend, would someone please add it to the Widget?

    1 – Hover cursor over ‘vikingsfootballblog’ up top left
    2 – When dropdown box appears, click on Dashboard
    3 – When Dashboard loads, hover cursor over ‘Appearance’ lower left side
    4 – When box opens, click on Widgets
    5 – When Widget screen loads, look for the 5th Widget on the R side, click on the far right side of the highlighted line
    6- When the Widget opens up you will see all the names – position curser appropriately and enter the prediction
    7 – Click Save and exit


    Kevin Williams (knee) and McLeod Bethel-Thompson (illness) did not practice Wednesday.

    Limited participation: Sharrif Floyd (knee), Phil Loadholt (knee), Cordarrelle Patterson (back), Mistral Raymond (shoulder), Letroy Guion (finger), Harrison Smith (back).

  5. So im thinkin Chris Cook keeps Tron quiet (under 100 yards).
    AP runs for 165 yards and 1 TD.
    Ponder throws 3TDs.
    Bdub kicks 1 FG.
    Vikes win 31 – 24.

    • Even though, deep down, I am concerned about this game, I will still declare the Vikes the winner– I think our veterans will make it happen– and our D will come out strong. I think we struggle early and may be behind at the half. But AP will have a monster game.

  6. So, come on Deertracks, BB7 or whatever your name is this week. Give us your best left hook ‘thumbs down’.
    Our season starts tomorrow, you obviously won’t be conversing here, so, with cooler temperatures setting in (and the resulting drop in flies), you will be forced to kick your dog or beat up your boyfriend.
    Or are they one and the same ??

  7. Titus, just to set the record straight……. I would MUCH rather talk to an intelligent Packer fan (if one exists), than read derogatory bullshit from some illiterate redneck about the people that FOUNDED this blog and have kept it running.
    That is readily available on many internet sites that are ‘brain-dead friendly’.

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