…2013-2014 Season… First Quarter Predictions


The weather may not show it, but a new season of NFL football is upon us! The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for their first game on Sunday, September 8th on the road against division rivals, Detroit Lions.

Now is the time for predictions, and more predictions, and guarantees, and friendly (and not so friendly) wagers. The “Front-Running” fans are donning a jersey of their “new” favorite team. The “Experts” have submitted their predictions, always looking forward-with their blinders firmly in place.

And then, sitting in a small corner of the “Football World” is the Minnesota Vikings. Once again our favorite team is an underdog, a non-factor, an afterthought in football mainstream chatter. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing.

The season will unfold revealing unexpected twists in the “Prediction Script” like they do every year. Yes there are the favorites, but anyone can predict that. It’s the unexpected twists that happen every NFL season that gives every team a ray of hope as the season commences, and typically, as the season progresses, results in many pundits admitting “I didn’t see that one coming.”

Here is to a new football season, may our Vikings be the team they didn’t see coming! SKOL Vikings!

Here are my predictions for the first four games:

Minnesota at Detroit

If Musgrave is smart, he will have the Ponder to Jennings connection high on his priority list. What better way for Ponder to gain confidence than to have a big first game-It makes sense anyway.
This game should boast more offense than defense. Look for Vikings to continue their winning ways against Detroit in a close game.

Vikings 27 Lions 24

Minnesota at Chicago

The Bears have been dominant at home when playing the Vikings. Actually, it’s been brutal for the team in purple. In baseball, sometimes a coach has a feeling about a particular player that has been in a slump and decides to play him. Many times that player responds in a big way for his team. When asked why he decided to put said player in the lineup, the coach would reply “He was due.”
I’m here to tell you, the Vikings are due.

Vikings 20 Bears 16

Cleveland at Minnesota

The Vikings finally get their first home game of the season as the Browns come to town. Classified as another “Snake-bit” team the Browns have shown improvement, but it won’t be enough. I look for the Vikings to dominate this game early on defense, and finish strong on offense in the second half. The final season of the Metrodome has begun. The home crowd, gets treated to a great game.

Vikings 31 Browns 13

Pittsburgh at Minnesota in London

Since this is considered a home game, the Vikes need to play like they are home, get the crowd behind them and beat their AFC opponent. Plus Frazier needs to beat Tomlin! I can read the headlines now…Big Ben gets his bell rung as the Vikings pound the Steelers. Peterson will run wild in this one, and the Vikings will fly home victorious.

Vikings 26 Steelers 14

First Quarter Prediction: 4-0

Christian Ponder
photo by Gary Wiepert

OK fellow bloggers-chime in. What’s your prediction?

By vikingology

97 comments on “…2013-2014 Season… First Quarter Predictions

  1. 28 -10 Vikes win big behind 3 turnovers, one a pick 6. Peterson will have a tough go of it against the lions d-line, but will still run for 178. Patterson will return a kick off for a TD, and the Vikes defense will totally eliminate Reggie Bush. They have seen him before, and they know his tricks better than he does.

  2. This will be a battle
    Because half our team’s in Seattle
    Opportunities we will squander
    Because of Christian Ponder
    But, to be fair
    We still have Blair
    And the Vikes will WIN
    Because of Adrian

    Novadamus sees a low-scoring 17-10 Viking win.

  3. Irish – I see you have # of teams listed as 10 – do we need to increase it? Titus and Tampa expressed interest – there may have been someone else – V-O or Vegas? One of them posted on last blog that they are up for it.

    We need a roll-call of FF players again?

    • Once rodgers is gone the cheese bitches will be in the basement,so-called experts say that we are one dimensional with AD,if we had an elite QB and nothing else then according to them we would be one of the best teams ever.To them having an elite QB means theirs no way that team could be one dimensional,look at the patriots,they suck but tom brady takes them far so it would appear its a well rounded team but in reality they are just a one dimentional team and thats why them and most teams with elite QB’s always fall short every year of winning the superbowl.Defense and special teams for the vikes helped us win some of our games last year so those bastards(so-called experts) have no idea what they’re talking about.If ponder plays decent i seriously think we can beat anybody this season,ponder messed up in the middle of the season last year and we still made the playoffs,sometimes i want some of these so-called experts to just hang themselves.The packers are very desperate and it shows. Goooo Vikings!!!!

  4. Based on recent roster moves, I have a strong feeling that the Vikings are still trying hard to get a veteran CB added to the roster. With only 5 on the roster, all who are relatively new and/or unproven CBs – the most seasoned of whom is recognized the second he walks into most hospitals – and no DBs on the practice squad, this comes out as an extremely thin group.

    If we don’t add a veteran like Winfield or Marcus Trufant, this group could be hurting bad in a very short time.

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  6. Added a Score Prediction widget to the right side of the screen. Went back several blogs to try and get everyone who’s been around lately. Did I miss anyone?

    Did I miss anyone’s prediction so far?

  7. So two Canadian bands walk into a bar. They ask if they can play a gig Wednesday night. HCG the bartender says sure. So they are playing now. Nova, your people are groovin pretty good!! Though I did have to confiscate two radio active beavers, an olympic trampoline, and a sober goose.

  8. I think it will be a low scoring game – Walsh will provide most of our points, and AP will break one. We will stop their run, but our D will be susceptible this first game and they get 2 TDs through the air.

    Vikes win 16-14

  9. Well, I think this will be a high scoring game – the Vikes secondary is (too) young and inexperienced and our D Line is suspect with KWill possibly not playing or playing hurt. We will HAVE TO throw the ball to keep up in the score, so I am going with 44 to 42 Vikes.

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    Nova replied “HERE COMES OUR HEAD WAITTRESS!!!!!!”

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