The Return Of Novadamus !!!!!!

That’s right, he’s back with a vengeance. For all of you newcomers to the blog, or all of you with very short memories, he is the unquestioned  leader in predicting Viking outcomes…..

By novascotiavike

109 comments on “The Return Of Novadamus !!!!!!

  1. I don’t wanna cheer when someone loses their job, but im glad the Stephen Burton experiment is over. Moving forward with Webb, but i was hoping Rodney Smith would make the team too.I knew the minute Winfield went to Seattle he made the wrong choice, and Spielman the right. I wouldnt mind seeing him in purple this year, but he did turn down more money to go to Seattle, and look where that got him.

  2. Novadamus can answer your deepest questions*……….Is there life after death ? ….Will I someday be wealthy ?………Did Tony Romo ACTUALLY HAVE A BACHELOR PARTY IN THE WOODS WITH !# %$ 13 OTHER GUYS, NO WOMEN AND NO BOOZE ?… (Yes).

  3. The Vikings announced on Sunday that the club has signed seven players to the team’s practice squad. NFL teams can carry up to eight players on the practice squad so one spot remains empty as of Sunday morning.
    RB Joe Banyard
    G Travis Bond
    DT Everett Dawkins
    TE Chase Ford
    T Kevin Murphy
    WR Rodney Smith
    WR Adam Thielen
    The Vikings also claimed former Bears T J’Marcus Webb on Sunday, adding him to the 53-man roster. To make room for Webb, T Troy Kropog was released.

  4. HCG – don’t worry, what you’re experiencing is a normal progression. You have found woman’s secret 4th ring of marriage.

    First there is the engagement ring.
    Next comes the 2 wedding rings.
    Last comes the suffer ring.

  5. “J’Marcus Webb was the oft-beaten tackle for the Chicago Bears, who ranked 48th of 58 offensive tackles in pass blocking efficiency by Pro Football Focus in 2011 as a left tackle. A year later as a right tackle, he ranked 36th of 52. Over those two seasons, he gave up 19 sacks, 11 hits and 30 hurries.

    Not an impact starter, but the Vikings obviously hope that Webb can provide quality depth while developing into a new man with the Vikings. A fresh start could mean all the world to the former West Texas A&M Graduate.”

    That doesn’t give me a really good feeling.

    • I have similar concerns, but assuaged them by reminding myself that he was a mediocre starter last year who will be playing as a backup.

      What we really need on the line are quality replacements for Johnson and Fusco, but I feel a little more at ease knowing that we added a quality backup player – one who can give us insight to what to expect in Chicago come week 2.

    • I don’t think that’s how it works. A former issue with teams putting players on IR was that it was considered a way for teams to hide players on their roster until they’re ready and/or needed. So one of the changes they made was to say that other teams first need to get a chance to sign him to their active roster – in essence saying that they believe he is healthy enough to spend a roster spot on. If the player isn’t picked up by any of the 31-other teams, it becomes pretty clear that everyone thinks that he is too injured to commit a roster spot to, and can then be placed on IR.

  6. “Michael Mauti will go as far as his fragile legs can take him. He has a high NFL I.Q. and shows the leadership skills necessary to play the “Mike” linebacker spot.”

    How much decision making is the Mike allowed? Don’t they basically just tell the team what defense the coach called in?

  7. Hey Rog – is there a hassle-free option to cancel out our draft and do another one?

    I was online for the draft and I’m happy with my team, but since we’re doing it for fun and not for profit there’s no real reason not to if it can be done easily…would be a shame to have a bunch of disinterested teams.

    Perhaps take a poll and see if it’s even possible to set a time/date that we all can attend?

  8. I will be here all season! yayyyyyyyy!!!! Let’s get this FF league going I’ll set it up how does everyone feel about drafting 2 hours before kickoff this week? It will help me stay up

  9. Anyone ever go chipmunk/squirrel fishing? Tie a peanut to a fishing line and put a sinker 6 inches up. Cast into a herd of rodents, wait for a nibble and start reeling him in. It’s better yet if you’re casting from a deck or porch cuz they’ll hang on as you reel them off the ground.

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