Subtitle Contest Returns

How long has it been since we’ve had a subtitle contest on this site? I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve started to miss them, so let’s start it up again. Check out the image below and add your subtext to it.

101 comments on “Subtitle Contest Returns

    The Associated Press
    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — A Heisman Trophy, a riveting playoff game, an international following.
    Tim Tebow won all that in his football career.
    On Saturday, he lost his third NFL job in 18 months. It might be hard to find another.
    The quarterback with two big problems — throwing the ball and reading defenses — was cut by the New England Patriots less than 12 weeks after they signed him and just five days before the season.

  2. cut—>TE Colin Anderson, RB Joe Banyard, S Brandan Bishop, OL Travis Bond, CB Brandon Burton, WR Stephen Burton, DT Everett Dawkins, S Darius Eubanks, CB Bobby Felder, TE Chase Ford, OL Brandon Keith, DT Anthony McCloud, LB Tyrone McKenzie, OL Kevin Murphy, DT Spencer Nealy, DE D’Aundre Reed, WR Rodney Smith, WR Adam Thielen, DE Collins Ukwu.

  3. I find it very intuitive of the Vikings to let Windfield test the market for the money he requested. I know the shithawks are deep in D but it also makes the statement the Vikes are doing the right thing. Not saying don’t bring Windfield back if that opportunity arises, but on the TEAMS terms. That’s Vikings football!

    • I hope we try to get Winfield back for one more year, even if he says he’s retiring. It was bogus the way he was treated when we cut him, but he would solidify the Nickel for the team, and really make our defense scary good.

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