The Axe Falls


Today, the Vikings lowered the boom on 13 hopefuls who didn’t measure up.    Several names are hardly surprising, fans would be hard pressed to say when exactly they saw that player on the field.  However, there are a couple of players cut that made some impressive plays, just not impressive enough.  The list of future Fry Cooks includes:

WR LaMark Brown
WR Erik Highsmith
OG Tyler Holmes
DE Marquis Jackson
LB Stanford Keglar
DB Greg McCoy
WR Chris Summers
QB James Vandenberg
RB Jerodis Williams
DB Roderick Williams
The race for WR positions just got tighter with the release of LaMark Brown, Erik Highsmith, and Chris Summers.  Locks for the position include Jennings, Patterson, Wright, and Simpson.  That leaves Burton, Webb, Rodney Smith, and Adam Thielen to battle for the remaining 1 or 2 roster spots.  Greg Childs will almost certainly start the season on the PUP list, so is not in contention for a roster spot at this time.
RB Bradley Randle showed some good scamperability, but that came against 3rd string defenses.  Minnesota already has an adept backup in Toby Gerhart, albeit for only one more year potentially.
A name absent on this list is SMU product Zach Line, the Cinderella story of the Vikings’ preseason thus far.  Carrying with him some impressive collegiate stats (he only managed to surpass Eric Dickerson in nearly all SMU offensive records), the Albino Rhino Mk2 has accounted for 2 of the Vikings’ 4 preseason TDs, one on an amazing 61 yard run.  Stephen Burton helped pave the way, but the last 15 yards was all because of Line’s determination.  Has he done enough to earn a roster spot?  Vikings’ staff will be watching him closely in the final preseason game.  He will need to improve his blocking skills, something he wasn’t asked to do at SMU.

92 comments on “The Axe Falls

  1. BTW – pretty sure I spelled ‘axe’ correctly. Poor Deep Six/Sir. Just one more thing for him to get his undies in a bunch. If I was the webmaster – I’d do something about the way that X shows up.

  2. Well, the axe fell on my plans to teach this fall abroad. My fault, I spent too much time enjoying summer in the boat and not enough time getting prepared for this
    There’s just too much to do in a short space of time in order to take advantage of the tax benefits.
    So, the opportunity still exists for the spring semester, in the meantime it looks like you guys are stuck with me for another football season.
    SO GO VIKES !!!!!!.

  3. I think I’m going to write a post blasting all analysts, pundits, and predictors, for being ignorant media ranting, front-running, closed minded bums.

    Why-because I am sick of hearing the same phrase over and over again:


    This is the most over-used phrase of these short sighted morons that get paid good money only to say they can only go with conventional wisdom.

    Dope #1 “Do you think the Vikings have a chance to compete with Green Bay for the NFC North Division?

    Dope #2 “I just don’t see that happening”

    Listen up fellow bloggers it’s everywhere…

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