124 comments on “BOOOOOM!

  1. Bad unnecessary penalties by Kalil and Loadholt when the offense was moving some. Then Burton shitting his pants on a slant route resulting in the ball getting tipped and intercepted. Other things have happened as well.

  2. I forgot about the game– then looked outside and then at the TV– it was 7pm. My choice– enjoy a bike ride in this heat, which I love exercising in, or watch preseason, knowing that the game does not matter– and this kind of heat is gone in a week or two for about 7 months. I went cycling. What was the verdict? Are we looking okay? Defense? Offense?

  3. Thoughts on the game……

    Defense came out and looked good, many position battles still to come but we will definately be better on “D”

    Offense looked as inovative as a brown paper bag! What is going on with Kalil? He needs to be more under control.

    Ponder needs to stop dancing with his “happy feet” and throw a damn pass.

    Line BETTER make the team


    • They tried, but that “something else” was always a deep route, which meant Ponder had to sit back and trust his line to protect him while waiting for routes to develop. After seeing those guys try to pass block, who wouldn’t be getting happy feet?

  4. I think the biggest take away from the game was that Stephen Burton is who we think he is, and shouldn’t be allowed a roster spot. But Webb did just enough – highpointing a jump ball in the endzone – to prove that he deserves the final WR spot on this roster.

  5. I agree Parody – dump Burton and let Webb develop into a HOF receiver.

    Was anyone else embarassed by the difference in velocity between Ponder’s throws and Kemperdink/McCoy’s throws? Ponder throws like he’s playing “Don’t Break The Egg” at the county fair. That screen to Patterson on the right side when they were in the red zone – ball took forever to get out there – he should have scored easily on that play, but by the time the ball got there the D had reacted.

  6. Last night during the game I thought K-Will caused his own injury by stumbing into someone laying on the ground (must have had too much Sailor Jerry by that time).

    Watched a replay of it today – Looney Tunes intentionally ducked down into the legs of Williams. Vikings staff sending video to the NFL for review (as if they don’t have access to it).

    I’m sure there will be a fine handed down.

    • If you read the comments below that article you’ll see that most think the sky is falling. I’m not worried at this point, we’ll see how many teams throw every blitz they can think of at us when AP is back there. That will lead to more single coverage, which will lead to our much improved receivers getting open, which will lead to Ponder hitting them for big gains.

  7. Definitely not panic time. Look at last year – we lost 3 preseason games, and we were all saying the same thing about Ponder. He can’t have gotten any worse.

    This year’s losses are more a result of experimentation to evaluate players. Although I would like to see Ponder get a little more zip on the ball – he needs to stop floating rainbows and THROW it.

    BTW, why are we playing 3 of the same preseason teams as last year?

      • Completely disagree. I thought the previous design was awesome. The new design might have worked if they at least printed both numbers in the same font, but they couldn’t even pull that off! Aside from that, there’s just not enough color in them. Give me some highlight around the numbers, and a bit more flare overall and I could accept it. As they are though, they look like they were borrowed from a division 1-a highschool.

      • Easy big fella……..the DD happened last year, and we upped his contract this year. He said he was sorry. Just getting his NFL punishment now.

        Having Felton and Ellison on the team almost assuredly means Line won’t make the cut.

        I’ve read a lot of talk about him being a very inexperienced blocker – just wasn’t something he was asked to do in college – something he would have to improve upon dramatically to pave the way for AP.

        If cut, I doubt he’ll sit unclaimed for long. Our scouts should be looking at all the potential DEs that will be available tomorrow afternoon – might find a gem cut by a team heavy with them.

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