NOVA Spotted with Pretty Woman…….Borrows Bikini Top


…As details continue to stream in, this is what we know so far:

Nova and an unidentified woman were seen driving the coastlines of Nova Scotia. It is believed Nova may soon be making a change in residence and needed driving time.

The beauty seen with Nova said she enjoyed going for the joy ride, telling the media “They just don’t make them like that anymore.”

When asked what happened to her bikini top, she simply stated “We needed a couple coasters for our Rum and Coke’s, and I gladly offered my top”.

Nova was unavailable for comment…

By vikingology

75 comments on “NOVA Spotted with Pretty Woman…….Borrows Bikini Top

    • Could be other explanations. Thailand has a strong government, if you catch my drift– if you have relatives there, you may want to say supportive things. Secondly, you only know what is in front of you– the family may think they have unlimited access but have never truly experienced unlimited- so they do not know. I would think this site would be available– but I can venture a guess to many that would not.

  1. The Chevy Nova came out in ’61 I believe-I’m not sure of the original name.
    The GTO is “Grand Touring Option”.

    I once owned a ’70 & ’71 LeMans-you know what that stands for. They were bad-ass cars. My favorite body style is probably ’67.

    The Lemans and Tempest were virtually the same vehicle. My Lemans had a Tempest owners manual. I loved those cars.

  2. A nova (plural novae or novas) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star. It is caused by the accretion of hydrogen on to the surface of the star, which ignites and starts nuclear fusion in a runaway manner……

    I am also not this ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. From…..The embarrassing New York Jets quarterback situation went from bad to worse late in the fourth quarter of a half-empty MetLife Stadium on Saturday night.

    Playing behind the Jets’ third-string offensive line, Mark Sanchez took a big shot from New York Giants defensive tackle Marvin Austin. Sanchez crumpled to the ground in pain. After trying to throw some passes on the sideline, Sanchez made it clear to Jets trainers that he couldn’t continue playing. Sanchez got his right (throwing) shoulder iced after the injury, and then he trotted to the locker room.

    Maybe now the Jets have a chance…….

    • I agree VO, I thought they should have dropped Buick instead of Pontiac. Then we could have a GTO and Firebird. Plus the fact that Buicks customer base is dying off. I’ve got a sweet 99 Z28 sitting in my garage, LS1 6 speed. Been thinking about selling it cuz I never drive it but it’s so nice to look at lol

  4. Well I just read through the last few blogs…….I would like to thank you guys for welcoming me to the site……Guess I’ve been on here for a long time now…I just don’t post too much. That asshole just got my goat tho and I couldn’t control myself. It is hard for me to keep up on my beloved Vikes so sites like these help out alot. I just wish that I could get more coverage down here of the boys in purple!!!! Hell….Ive even watched osama been drinking!!!!LOL

  5. The media will never give the Vikings any credit no matter how well they do. That way they can act as if its a miracle when the Vikings win while still sucking on the none existent cock of the Packers. While being able to say I told you so when they lose.

  6. The first half of tonight’s game should tell us a lot. I work with a 49er fan who won’t lay claim to this game, he’s the wussy kind that will jump up and down like its a playoff game if the niners win but will shrug it off as a preseason game if they lose. Kinda like a pucker fan.

  7. Hey guys! Wow, did I miss a lot. Just got back from spending the weekend up north again with my son. We had a blast.

    1 – Thank you for taking out the trash. I thought I was gonna get stuck with it again.
    2 – I’m fine with moving the draft to the 28th, but can go tonight too.
    3 – I worked at the US embassy in Moscow.
    4 – Welcome Tampa.

    I think I covered all subjects.

  8. O.K. Got the generator out. Told the family to have cereal for dinner. Tv and Dvr are plugged in and booting up.

    I think I just threw my back out moving a welder to get the genny. Oh well, GAME ON!

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