Well, gang, I’ve been offered a teaching job in Thailand, only have a few days to decide….

By novascotiavike

125 comments on ““THAIVIKE”?????

    • I would have to leave her with my buddy and his wife, Titus, like I did when I went to Central America.
      She loves it there, though. He’s right on the water and has a Chocolate Lab who is Sonja’s best friend.

  1. High school? College? You’d be missed Sir Nova, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Sounds like a great opportunity, but from what i can tell you really love being in Nova Scotia. How are the women in Thailand?

  2. We will require compensation for having to go on without you for a year. I’ll take mine in the form of Megan Fox.

    One word of advice from someone who’s spent time in the Asian countries – when you go to the barbershop for your regularly scheduled haircut and they offer a ‘happy ending,’ do NOT accept the warm towel on the face, or they may pull a switcheroo on you and the ‘attendant’ performing the service may have a better beard than you.

  3. Nova we’ll miss you but id be disappointed in you if u didn’t go to Thailand. I’m just imagining the hangover 2?

    Anyway im off to the outback for a week and I’m not sure if there’s reception so I predict the vikes win 100-0. H.smith 100 ints and if we don’t win I’m going to kill myself SEND

  4. Nova, I know there are many opportunities to teach English across Asia- I have looked into it from time to time– I have what they want. But the idea of a year or whatever commitment they ask for has been difficult. You have to go and let me know. I have seriously thought of doing it in Korea.

  5. ……….Well, take me back down where cool water flow, yeh.
    Let me remember things I love.
    Stoppin’ at the log where catfish bite,
    Walkin’ along the river road at night,
    Barefoot girls dancin’ in the moonlight.

    I can hear the bull frog callin’ me.
    Wonder if my rope’s still hangin’ to the tree.
    Love to kick my feet way down the shallow water,
    Shoe fly, dragon fly, get back t your mother.
    Pick up a flat rock, skip it across Green River.

  6. If all else fails and you still can’t decide, may I suggest what I call the Ben Franklin close. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

    Have two list’s:
    List 1) Why you should go.
    List 2) Why you shouldn’t go.

    Whichever list is the longest is the one you follow.

  7. Nova, as long as you can hold down the fort at home– sounds like you can– your dog is covered too, well, then you know this is a fantastic learning opportunity and moment to seize! Carpe Diem my friend! Do it. And let the Canadians see you do it!

  8. Novascotiavike
    It is Deep Six. HCG explained several times on his site (This one) screwed up.
    You are going to teach in Thailand? What will you teach them? How not to pay attention to what is right in front of you? Had you paid attention you would have seen that I answered your question “what is a Deep Six.” Go back and read it old great
    wisdom filled trouble maker.

    I have been to Thailand, these are great people, until you mess with them.
    I don’t think you will like their jails…

    So I made a mistake in spelling, Big F Deal! Like you never made one huh?
    I spell canadian because, in my opinion, YOU do NOT warrant a capital C.

  9. I have two comments here……….1st and most important……Nova you better go or you will ALWAYS regret it. I have traveled and lived in many places since my humble upbringing in a small Minnesota town of 400 and have loved every single second of it!!!!!



  10. •Quarterback Christian Ponder connected on a couple of deep passes to receiver Greg Jennings, one as safety Darius Eubanks just stopped running and the other over cornerback Bobby Felder, who was in position.

    However, Ponder looked less than spectacular as he underthrew a sideline route to receiver Jerome Simpson and safety Andrew Sendejo was able to deflect the pass. Ponder also overthrew tight end Kyle Rudolph during the team’s two-minute drill on a seemingly easy completion to a giant target.

    •Practice ended with backup quarterback Matt Cassel completing his two-minute drill with a touchdown pass to receiver LaMark Brown. Cassel floated a ball to Brown’s back shoulder in the corner of the endzone and completed the pass over cornerback Brandon Burton.

    In what looked a lot like safety Jamarca Sanford’s interception at Buffalo, Cassel targeted receiver Adam Thielen on a short route in team drills, but was tipped by cornerback Josh Robinson and Sanford grabbed the interception.

  11. And……..I am still laughing at the backlash that Fran Tarkenton is getting for his comments on Josh Freeman!!! He has really put everyone’s underwear in a knot for
    all of the bay area

  12. Have you seen the Viagra commercial where the guy gets stuck in 6 inches of mud pulling his horse trailer back to his house? Is Viagra a stupid pill too? I could have shortened that commercial by 20 seconds by just accelerating a little to get thru that puddle. He got stuck right outside his house, what did he think? It was a sink hole? And his horse trailer has no vents for the horses, more proof this was filmed in Wisconsin.

  13. I have three things to say
    (1) With so called Viking Fans here, I say to hell with the team. Up until now I have been a fan since God knows when. Now I say to you God Damn Bastards stick them up your miserable asses.

    (2) Tampavike: Your name sounds like something stuck up the ass of that broad from Australia.
    (3) Will enjoy watching Ponder get smashed every damn game!

  14. OK asshole, (show that to the grand-kids), any more posts like that and I think I’ll wave my magic editing wand again.
    Oh what’s that….censorship ? No, it’s called ‘cleaning up after the dog shit’.
    You are clearly here to try to ruin this site, so go cry about our policies somewhere else, you illiterate bigoted moron.

  15. I’ve put deep six on timeout. It’s clear that he only wants to ruin this site and there is no point in allowing him to do so. Even with his limited fields of interest, I’m sure he can find something better to do with his time if he puts in just a little bit of effort. But if not, he is more than welcome to remind us all that he is still lurking in his own fecal matter by continuing to give everybody a thumbs down. If that’s enough excitement to float his boat, why should we let it bother us?

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