Last days of summer offseason….

This is for all the dog lovers out there. You know who you are.

104 comments on “Last days of summer offseason….

  1. Finally watched the game last night. Avoided the blog until I did, I wouldn’t have been able to stop from reading the game comments.

    Positives – 1st team D looked good – nice to see a takeaway; Webb made a couple nice catches but Burton stays ahead of him on depth chart; Locke appears to be a nice upgrade; MBT was a refreshing change from QB1 and QB2’s ineffectiveness, even if it came against future fry cooks; Bishop put some nice hits on their guys.

    Negatives – Would SOMEONE pressure their QB?????; Ponder and Jennings looked like they are having a spat – not on the same page at all; O-line was Swiss cheese again

  2. If you answer 3 or more of these questions with a YES you might be a Bro.
    1. Do you wear puffy skater shoes?
    2. Do you wear black socks with shorts?
    3. Do you wear Dickiesâ„¢ shorts?
    4. Does your wallet have a chain?
    5. Do you have motocross inspired tank tops?
    6. Is your girlfriend/wife high maintainence and slutty?
    7. Do you have multiple generic tattoos?
    8. Do you wear a bandana or flat bill hat?
    9. Do you like to throw down?
    10. Do you own a tricked out lifted truck that never goes off road?

    • GIPF…….Oklahoma is the 3rd-most active state (behind Texas and Virginia) in performed executions.
      Hopefully the presiding judge at the time will be ‘bored’ of just handing out life sentences.

  3. Would anyone be offended if i changed the DOTW? I understand Zygi has gotten himself into a jam, but as far as i know since he’s been owner he has done everything with the best interest of the Minnesota Vikings and Vikes fans in mind. I think he has been a great owner so far.

    • Sounds like he will likely enter the season on the PUP list. Meaning unavailable for the first 6 weeks and then if not activated by the end of that time he can’t be activated at all. Although if activated at the 6th week mark he would be given I think 2 more weeks to prove he is healthy and ready to go.

  4. •Quarterback Christian Ponder flexed the deep pass in Wednesday’s practice, connecting with receiver Chris Summers down the sidelines over safety Harrison Smith for a touchdown. Ponder also hit receiver Cordarrelle Patterson in stride as he ran past cornerback A.J. Jefferson down the middle of the field for a score.

    Well, sounds like CP84 is takin reps with the first team…

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