After Further Review

After watching the first team squad in action against the Bills, this is what I deduced:

*Ponder wasn’t as bad as ESPN portrayed him to be:

Ponder’s line was 5-12 for 53 yards. It could have easily been better. The clear drop by Rudy (it’s OK buddy we forgive you) the PI on Simpson (again) the long pass to Wright (which was a PI) and the sideline pass that Jennings dropped (he has caught that sideline pass in the past many times.) Throw in a couple throwaways and you have a stat that would read 9-12 115 yards.

*O-line was not ready for the Blitz:

Frazier addressed this to the media after the game…it is what it is, hopefully we will be better prepared when the games count.

*Defense and special teams looked good:

For the most part, they played solid in the run and pass not allowing much yardage for the home team.
I know Walsh missed a long FG (49 yards) but he is human.

*Musgrave needs to fight back:

In-game adjustments will be key for Musgrave’s offense going forward. He simply needs to have a counter-punch on his index card.

*Other notes and observations:

This is preseason-throw the ball deep-often!

If there is a clear offsides by the opposing D, throw the ball deep and try for a quick score-nobody was better at this than Elway.

Ponder to Jennings, PLEASE!

Next week we play the 49ers…lets hope our offense puts a few good drives together and we knock Kappey down early and often.

Lastly, lets all remember these are preseason games…take a deep collective breath, and know that Frazier has a game plan when the season kicks off in Detroit.



By vikingology

99 comments on “After Further Review

  1. So i was a bit worried after the game Friday night, but after watching Frazier’s press conference i’ve relaxed. Sounds like we really didnt game plan at all for them this last week of camp, and they came out guns a blazin, tryin to make a statement er somethin. SKOL

  2. Spencer called this a long time ago…Bobby Felder will find his way to the Vikings roster. I know Sherels is a fighter, but he is simply not a high impact player. He also becomes a huge liability if thrust into defense. Bobby Felder has been all over the field making plays on Special Teams and Defense.

  3. Make excuses for Ponder all you want. I saw one play, which Ive seen from him over and over again, that tells me all I need to know. Ponder is OUR starting QB and cant throw a 4 yard bubble screen accurately. He is bottom of the barrel when it comes to accuracy, in the same category as Donavan McNabb and TJack.

  4. I’m in favor of supporting Ponder because what is the alternative, he fails, Fraizer gets fired, Spielman likely goes with, we hire a new GM and coaching staff, draft another QB in the 1st round, and then we have to wait a few years to see if that project works out. I want Ponder to succeed. No he will never be Brady, Manning, or Montana but he can be good enough for the Vikings to make the playoffs and with Petey in the back field the Vikings always have a chance.
    (Then again this can be chalked up to wishful thinking)
    I believe in Ponder because he is a Viking.

    • Alternative.

      Peterson carries the team like he did with TJack and Ponder last season. Defense is stronger. We get a late first round pick. Spielman makes another genius draft trade, grabs a QB round 1 … Everyone, except Ponder, keeps their jobs because we make the NFC Championship on the back of AP and top 6 Defense.

  5. I have three letters for all of you– MBT. Nice article Viking-ology BUT we can sort through varying should haves and could haves- and statistically advocate probabilities, breaking down dimensions of possible realities– heck, the year we were 3-13, had the ball bounced five times differently in two games, and Favre had not thrown that interception in the last minute at the Jets, and we had won, the confidence would have grown and the Vikings would have won the Super Bowl. Great is achieved despite the situation, not explained because of possible situations. Sorry– just time for the Vikings team to will it out and win.

  6. Titus-the point of my post was to point out it was merely a preseason game. ESPN, like many other sports networks are in love with the “elite” QB’s and will ridicule any other QB that doesn’t make their “cut.”
    Go back to Eli’s first few years and compare that with what they say about him now. Don’t believe the negative hype…

    If Ponder has another up and down year like last year, I will chime in my displeasure along with you and everyone else on this site, after all, we all want the same thing, right?

    • I was fine with your post Viking-ology– just was referring to the could have’s, should have’s and what if’s thinking process– nothing wrong with it for analysis. But if 6 weeks or 10 weeks from now, we are saying how the ball could have bounced, somebody (ies) were not doing their job (coaches, players, etc.) I am tired of Minnesota mediocrity– we have the best RB in football and most other pieces in place– seeing Cris Carter never get a SB ring is not acceptable again in the form of AP.

  7. We did not draft a QB in the first round to be a game manager. If he can even do that. We made all these acquisitions in the offseason to help Adrian Peterson not have Adrian Peterson bail them out again. It’s clear that if A.D. was playing he would of been doing all the work.

    I have my doubts about Musgrave as well, on the play where Marcel Dareus got the sack 3 receivers broke their routes at the same time and none were open. He couldn’t of gone to his next read what could Ponder have done? MBT has only played one good game against a 3rd string defense that was playing soft coverage, let’s wait and see if he can do it again.

    Spielman and Frazier will not be fired if Ponder fails because they’ve put together a good roster with results on the field. I will continue to support Ponder but next year I want a franchise QB.

  8. Filming pool death scene today. Been practicing prancercising. Will film it when my video guy gets back this week. Just wanted to let you all know I hate you. But I think Roger was the one who suggested UBD prancercising. Roger, somehow someway I will have vengence!

    • HCG I could REALLY see UBD doing this with the helmet on! Maybe prance out on a dock, see the football named Peterson in the water and struggle to swim towards it! “I’d like to thank the Academy for their support in this adventure, without them I would just be another Terry Rist”

  9. Without Adrian Peterson in there in our scheme, it impacts our offense tremendously because he’s the focal point. Yeah, it definitely makes a difference and that will be obvious when we open up the season, it’s obvious when you look at us a season ago and it showed up on Friday night. The emphasis for us on Friday night, we didn’t come in that ball game saying we wanted to show Buffalo or anyone we could be a dominate run team. We wanted to be able to do some things in the passing game. You saw us go up tempo in what we call our ‘red ball’ offense. We were working on some things that we wanted to take a look at and we’ll do more of that next week as well, but our identity has not changed.-Leslie Frazier

  10. VO I agree with you and because our passing game needs attention, I think it is good that they’ve keep AD out so far. This way the opposing team is focusing solely on the pass making it paramount for our O to improve, without AD.

  11. Racketeering charges? New Jersey? Does not sound good. The judge calling the WIlf’s actions evil is really not good– when a judge chimes in with such a chastisement, especially against a big shot with tons of mulla and real estate, something is really not good. We may be playing in the dome for a while.

  12. JUST A REFLECTION ON THIS WILF SITUATION– IT COULD BE MORE THAN WE THINK I wonder… considering how tough the NFL has been on poor conduct by players and coaches, if this Wilf situation will garner attention from the commish. Exacerbating the political climate around this could be the players union recent campaign to strengthen benefits for players– if there appears to be a double standard between what owners can do with what players can do, be prepared for some fallout. This could be big.

  13. The league wants/needs the Vikes here just as much as we do. Remember the A team that they assembled to come here and give the new stadium process a kick in the ass? It doesnt get any more NFC North than an up and coming Minnesota Vikings. Breath Titus, breath.

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