Training Camp, Final Day

I had some fun today, playing hookey from work and chasing down to Mankato for the final day of training camp that’s open to the public.  The morning practice was rather uneventful, as the team was without pads and just going through  drills that focused on basic technique.

Afterwards, we went to Tav on the Ave – a great sports bar in the city that was giving out coupons as we walked to the car – and had some good food while watching sports highlights on the largest HDTVs I’ve ever seen outside of a Best Buy.  The food was pretty good too.  I recommend getting the Cheesy Fries appetizer if you ever get the chance to visit.

Then we returned to campus and we traveled around to get a good view of the rubble that once was Gage Hall, and then wandered back towards the area that the afternoon practice was set to, tossing a football back and forth.  It turned out that we happened to wander onto the practice field, just before the team started to come out and warm up, and just as we were getting to the other side a nasty security lady barked at us to get out immediately.  We cordially complied, and then she locked the fence behind us…never making an attempt to blockade the area of the field that we actually got in through.  But, I guess she’s not paid to be intelligent.

We got into the stands in time to find some great front row seats close to where a majority of the exciting action was going on for the remainder of practice.  I did my best to get videos of as much as I could, and will post them later on.  Some fun moments I can recall (not all were captured on video) include a one handed grab by Patterson as he broke past a DB 20+ yards downfield, then raced into the endzone; a sidearm throw to Peterson that was wrangled up from below his knees and then he scampered another 10~ish yards to paydirt; a reach-around catch from Wright as he was blanketed by Rhodes and falling to the ground; a few blasts from AP through the defense and downfield for a TD; an acrobatic catch from Jennings across the field for significant gain; and an interception thrown by Cassel to Sherels who took it from endzone-to-endzone.

95 comments on “Training Camp, Final Day

  1. (Paul Allen)…”And now we take you to our side line reporter, Parody (Parody) “Thanks Paul.” “I’m here with Vikings rookie wide receiver sensation Cordarrelle Patterson…can I call you “Flash” (Cordarrelle) “Sure” “I hear your part of an awesome blogsite called Vikings Football Blog, can I join in” (Parody) “Sure”…

    Good work Parody!

  2. Just watched this again and laughed super hard.

    My wife loves the idea of me doing a prancercise video. So two things………

    She laughed harder than me because she knew I had to do that, and she wants to direct, just to make me suffer longer.

    Who (cover your grandbabys ears, d6), Who is the sadistic motherforking ass that first suggested this?

  3. New swimming pool destruction idea: UBD is prancercising past the pool – quick edit to substitute a mannequin or blow up doll for UBD to avoid undue damage to actor – then a team of Viking clad extremists rush in, guns a blazin, Wobb-sprinklers a sprinklin, effectively cutting UBD and the pool in two. CUT!!!!!! THAT’S A WRAP!!!!!

  4. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Patterson? Obviously he is gonna score some touchdowns this year and being a rookie, I’m not sure he has a touchdown dance. And I would like to suggest, you know it’s coming, PRANCERSIZE!!

  5. There are still 4 openings for VFB FF league. If interested go here:

    To the people who have joined if the remaining 4 spots are left open within an hour of the draft 6CT do you want to push the draft back so others can join or do you want the removal of the open teams so we can have the draft as scheduled on Friday?

  6. I’m currently in two Yahoo leagues, if you were playing Yahoo Rog i’d be in but it’s just too much to play two different formats for me.
    For those of you that haven’t played before you should do it, it’s a blast! Once the draft is over you only need to spend maybe 5 minutes a week, up to 5 hours if you want. And trust me you WILL!

    • The Shankinator…….The Shankster……Shankin’ da punts……..Shank Man…..Mr. Shanker…….Shank Baby……..Shankorama……Watch out on the sidelines……….Just a Shankin’ Dude………..Shanker……..You want fries with that Shank?……..

  7. I honestly believe this may be the best Vikings team in a very long time (with the possible exception of QB play). It is a very young, cohesive group carefully defined by coaches who selected a certain type of player, both in skill and mindset. It is a team with the best running game- a O line which is coming along beautifully, a set of competitive WRs, a defense, specialty of Frazier’s house, with a budding secondary which may be the best in decades for any Vikings team– and the last year int the dome– meaning 8-0 at home is d..d.d..d..def f..f finitely within reality (oops– there is London- hence the stutter). If our QB play can be good, we may go all the way.

  8. Just checked out flights to London for that Pittsburgh game– right now over eleven hundred — a tad steep for my liking– especially because I will be too busy to stay more than the week-end- tough on the body too.

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