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Do you know this man. He is one tough customer. His profile can only be deciphered by the criminally insane. Known for his sewing skills, he once tailored a body suit-out of human skin.

Although he has a soft spot for his pet dog Precious, he is not the neighborly type. He is for the most part, a product of his own freak-show. He is…Buffalo Bill.

If you haven’t seen this classic psychiatric thriller “The Silence of the Lambs” you should.

Oops, sorry, I got off track!

The Vikings play the Buffalo Bills this Friday in Buffalo. The first team should be able to get some good playing time in this one. I fully expect our first team players to have a great showing and impress the Viking faithful.

Which starter do you think will have the best performance? Who will be a no-show? Which bubble player will shine and increase their chances of making the roster? Speak up fellow bloggers! Let’s get the pre-game chatter going!

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  1. Titus-If it wasn’t for “Thermal” Thomas having a bad case of “Fumble-itis” they would have beaten the Cowboys (the second time.) They were on their way to a TD that would have had them up by two TD’s at halftime…instead he fumbles the ball, the Cowboys run it in for a TD, and they never looked back.

    • The game they should have won was the first one– against the Giants– it was the only one they were in it for all four quarters– that game pains me almost as much as the recent Vikings Championship debacles of 98 and 09.

  2. It rubs the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again. Yes precious it will get the hose.

    I never made the Buffalo Bill Silence of the Lambs reference untill now. You certainly have changed my mind forever V.O.

    “Would you f#ck me? I’d f#ck me….

    See what you did? Now Im pretty sure I am almost as creepy as Irish.

  3. You already know it is HCG, because I told you so, as if that didn’t sink in.

    At least I don’t ridicule a bonafide war veteran by making fun of his wartime combat radio call sign, or use obscene language for all the world to see, including my grandchildren. who by the way, are looking for a cleaner site.

    I plan to stick around if you don’t mind, unless of course you allow that canadain to take over your site again, his habit of changing other posters material went unchallenged by you. Is Censorship now be back again?-How about the other guy.

    You want to talk about football? Then lets do it! Hi Titus, been here all along.

  4. Hope to see more of Joe Webb this Friday. He didn’t get nearly enough playing time last week to make any assessment of his ability. Not sure if the D was keying on him, but Webb didn’t seem to electrify after he caught the ball like Patterson did. What he does BEFORE the catch may need more work, but once he has the ball he’s the same as any other RB/WR/TE – For someone who was touted as “the most athletic person on the field” he should be able to light it up after he gets his hands on the ball.

  5. Joe Webb may not make the WR cut-They may have to give him more time at special teams. I said this before, and I’ll say it now-the Vikings waited too long to make the switch from QB to WR. Blame it on Chilly…

    I hope Webb makes the team, he just needs more time to develop.

    Is Stephen Burton for real, or is it just preseason playmaking? There is alot riding on the final spot or two for the WR’s.

    • I still don’t know about Burton. I was down at camp today and saw him drop a couple of very catchable balls. He has some great blocking ability for a WR, but if he can’t catch the stuff that’s thrown his way, then his blocking skills cannot justify keeping a roster spot for him. A WR who can’t catch is not going to demand the needed respect from the defense to open up the running game.

  6. Thanks Titus

    One True Friend in the middle of a bunch of trouble makers.

    Watch for the “other guy” to hit you on your support of the Bills……………

    BTW Spencer and Fred are back on the “old” site.

  7. @Deep6. Hey dude I have no problem with you being here. You are certainly a colorful chap. One thing you should know though, I would never make fun of someones military service. Ever.

    Besides, My bar is called The Vets Club. So come in and I will buy you a few rounds in thanks for your service.

    Dang. Can we please get back to arguing and trading insults. It is more fun, and I would feel more comfortable.

  8. So guys I have an important question. I have an old 5000 gallon above ground pool. The kind you see catastrophically fail in hilarious fashion on tv. It wont last another year. I (UBD) am going to make a video of me KILLING it. And yes there will be prancercising. Should I use a sword, .45 or shotgun? Im thinking

  9. Thank you HCG. Besides you there is only one other that I remember on here that is courteous towards the Retired Military such as myself.

    That person is Titus . The rest of those others that keep banging on me forget that it was myself, and others like me that kept the bad guys from using them to make ice cubes from glaziers in Russia.

    Thank you for the invitation to your Vets Club. Salute! Next one I buy.

  10. On your old pool…………..Try 60% dynamite using the Military Demolition formula 3/8 X A
    A=area. This was used by myself in the Military. Finding the dynamite in this day and age would be a challenge. After all is said and done, you can go next door and down the block and pick up the pieces, and maybe bits of your house if nearby.

    • First rounders didn’t seem to stand out much in practice today. But, I do recall one pass to Wright, where he was fighting Rhodes for position and was able to reach around the contact for the reception. I think I got a video of it. If I can find it and deem it is worthy of this site, I’ll post it later on.

      Rhodes ended up getting the interference call on the play. He really needs to learn when and where contact is acceptable, and to get his head turned around when the ball is in the air. He had great position on the play, but used it poorly.

  11. OK Roger-“Eliminator” is like this: There are 17 weeks of football and there are 32 teams. Each week you pick a GUARANTEED winner. Once you pick a winner you cannot pick them again, you must pick from the remaining teams.
    Your goal is to finish the season with 17 winners. That ishard to do, so whoever has the most wins at the end of the season is the winner.

    I believe ESPN has an Eliminator challenge, and probably others as well.

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