I really have nothing to write but the other one is getting pretty long so say stuff about the Vikings and other stuff as well.

By roger

93 comments on “Stuff…

  1. Ok…it’s a slow night…Just about all of you guys are younger than me (it seems that nowadays EVERYBODY is)……

    I saw this movie in 1967 at the theater. I saw it earlier tonight at a friend’s place. It’s about a ‘tough ‘ London school.

    Sidney Poiter is incredible in this movie.

  2. OK, here’s my take on the first preseason game. We won.

    Despite 2 interceptions, and despite keeping the reigning MVP off the field, our first and second team was ahead at half-time.

    Ultimately, a win counts for nothing but pride at this stage of the season, but it’s nice to know that we would have thoroughly trounced them had we released AP on them.

    And, I take great pleasure in reminding all the cheeseheads here at work that their team failed to score a point.

  3. Hey guys-I’m back…Thanks for all of your kind words regarding my father. Although doctors expected him to die a month ago, he has managed to push though that and has gotten some of his strength back.
    It was nice to see him walking around his house on his own, talking and laughing. I know it won’t last, but our family is enjoying the respite.

  4. Titus will like that. Which reminds me, Titus likes both the Vikings and the Bills.

    Myself, I like the Vikings and the Seahawks…Why aren’t we both being vilified by some of the fanatics?


  6. I have a reason the Bills are one of my teams– I was born in Buffalo– and a lot of my family lived there — both sides of my parents. And, the grandparents I always stayed with when traveling back to visit lived in Orchard Park– my grandma loved Jim Kelly.

  7. Likewise……….I lived in Tacoma for number of years, Fort Lewis was my duty station.

    Always liked the Seahawks come rain or shine. It rains in sleepy Seattle once in awhile……………………….! Keeps the grass green.

  8. I believe Titus mentioned on another blog, come Friday….Bills 48….Vikings 10.

    I would like to call the upcoming game of Sunday, 17 Nov. Seahawks 21 Vikings 6
    (2 Field Goals)… For the Hawks: If Harvin plays, 3 TD’s (2 of those by Kick returns)
    1 by Rice.

    • Hold on there – we may just make you hold to that prediction but probably nobody will remember by then anyway.

      We have a Predict the Score contest, complete with winners’ trophy. Whoever predicts closest to the actual score of the most regular (and post?) season games wins.

      Vegas and I tied last season, so we’re sharing the trophy this season – my 6 months is about up, so I will be boxing it up and sending to Vegas shortly.

      There used to be a widget with all the videos HCG has made – one of them features the trophy. We’ll have to do up a new post with all the contest rules again for the new guys.

  9. RGIII thinks he knows it all already…although it’s in his best interest to not play in the preseason and continue to rehab and get stronger, he thinks he should play now.
    He has had more press conferences than the entire NFL combined. He seems to love all the attention…

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