Half time

While we saw very little of the 1st team offense the back up WRs are showing they have some nice skills and we also my have a new Albino Rhino in HB/FB Zach Line. Not much else to say except the back up corner have looked decent.

107 comments on “Half time

  1. A flock of streaking beavers.

    Actually, some really nice plays by some people not likely to make the team.

    WRs are playing like their jobs are on the line.

    Zach Line scored our first TD on a long pass completion with Burton plowing the way.

    Patterson shined.

    INTs by Ponder and Cassell.

  2. would like to catch the preseason games live,but due to blackout in my area (NJ),i have to wait til it comes on the NFL Network on replay Saturday night or Sunday morning. at least see how the rookies are doing….

  3. Watched half of the game. Got sick and disgusted with the Ben Leber sideline interviews, breaking up the viewing of the game! What is the “H” wrong with those idiots breaking up the game?

    Most of the information Ben was asking was already presented on this site by rogerthevikingfan, and couple of other posters! If this is a preview of what to expect during the rest of the preseason, then forget it! Titus is correct in stating preseason games are not all that hot! Either that, or Iwill watch ESPN or other games.

    I don’t think that the others have all that BS breaking up the viewing. Good old Ben was a heck of a player! Do your interviewing players at Halftime!

  4. Titus seems to agree with you somewhat.. Seen his prediction of what his favorite Bills will do next week? Bills 48/Vikings 10…………That is ok for me..

    I had predicted Texans 24/Vikings 3.. Close, but that only counts in horseshoe game.

  5. Deep Sir, this is my personal view: Summer is too short– I had an enjoyable 21 mile bike ride and left when the game was starting– last year, after the 3-13 season, I just needed that bad taste out of my mouth and watched all preseason. Not this year– if I am around a TV, I might catch a few minutes, but there is no real competition in preseason (beyond internally) and I want to enjoy the warm weather.

  6. Titus

    I know where you are coming from. Didn’t see much of a summer either. BTW

    My user name is Deep Six. That is what was listed when I re-joined. Don’t know how or why it comes out deep sir Nova caught that also. Deep Six refers to the ocean. Told him to ask HCG. Then again, only the Shadow knows…………………

  7. I watched the repeat of the game last night and would put about 80% of the blame on Ponders INT on Bart Simpson. Looked like bad route/timing more than anything. I can see why Ponder didn’t check down, if 81 would have been where he was supposed to be it would have been a completion. I guess that’s what they call “trust your receiver”

  8. Found a decent highlight video on YouTube. I know I hate Charlie Johnson as much as anybody, but he can’t be blamed for Ponder needing to throw the ball early. Sullivan was clearly the free blocker on that play, and he didn’t stay in position to pick up the blitzing back.

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