The long wait…

Yes I know I wrote a thing with the same title a while ago but it still fits. We are less then 48 hours away from the Vikings’ first preseason game and it is excruciating. What will we see tomorrow? Will Ponder look great? Will the new WR core function to the best of their abilities? How will the defense look with Henderson in the middle and Winfield missing?  Will the young CBs show that Winfield was no longer needed or fall by the way side? I know this is to early too want answers but tomorrow we will get our first chance to see if they will be answered.

106 comments on “The long wait…

  1. if you go there So Cal, click AM FOOTBALL in the upper left corner, then you will get a display of all the games… Click the LIVE button (blue/right side) for the Vikings game and then it will give you a choice of maybe 4 or 5 different streams… Sometimes you have to search a couple streams to get a good one. It ain’t perfect but it beats notta!

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