Wanna Play?

I believe Northwoods (or someone else) talked about us doing a Fantasy Football league as a group and alot of people seemed interested.

How many of you wanted to do the Fantasy Football thing?
The number of teams starts at 4 and goes up by 2 till it reaches 20.
If you create or already have an account thing on nfl.com I could set up a league.
When would be a good day to have the draft?
As well as what time?
If interested it is VFB and password is bleedpurple.

118 comments on “Wanna Play?

  1. I have been having some trouble with my internet connection (cell phone tower 20 miles away with booster and outside antenna) but would certainly like to play the fantasy football game – count me in if my internet feed behaves itself!

  2. Yes it was I but that’s ok, I’ve made some silly moves in my life recently that has put me behind the 🎱 8 ball and I don’t think I would be an effective commish at this point. I got some stuff started (thru yahoo) and if you want to take it over I can forward it to you. Let me know!

  3. Okay ill set up the league, how about 6PM EST next Friday night before the Bills game? Let me know if that’s not good.

    So far I’ve got GIPF, Roger, Shawn, Parody, Cariboobill, Northwoods, Stew, Titus? Vegas? not sure where IAVike is but I’m sure he’ll do it. Anyone else let me know

    It’ll be set p on NFL.com because it’s easy for me.

    • I heard about that one on the radio last night. They speculated that Jared was just flopping to avoid camp time. They got in a couple of quick questions from Frazier as he happened to be walking by at the same time and Leslie more or less confirmed this speculation.

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  5. There is an option for an auto draft if people are not available.

    If unable to participate live, teams will be drafted via Autopick.

    An auto draft is a draft based on NFL.com’s default rankings or a manager’s pre-rankings of players. Draft may occur at any time on the specified date.

    So some people who are not around could set up rankings for their draft while other people are doing a live draft. If that does not make sense I will elaborate if asked.

  6. Roger, since I won’t be available at draft time, is there any way for me to go in and rank a list of players for the draft, and have the system take whichever is available (or BPA if none of my picks are available)?

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