Which WRs?

The Vikings have finally have what looks like a nice bunch of WRs. But with so many right now a few will not make the team. This may be early but I am going to write about who I think will make the team.
No.1 WR
Greg Jennings
Jennings is the obvious go to WR out of the group. His precise route running can turn around even the best CBs around (ask Cook). To go along with his skill set he also has a gold mine of knowledge in which he is letting the younger guys have free range in.
From 2007 to 2011 he averaged 69 catches, 1108 yards, and 9 touchdowns per season; Last year he caught only 36 passes for 366 and 4 TDs, but he played in only eight games because of groin injury.
No.2 WR
Cordarrelle Patterson
While some will say Patterson is to raw to play a lot of reps right away he seems to be coming along with the guidance of Jennings and coach Stewart. Patty has better hands then what people are led to believe and paired with his speed, quick cutting ability, and field vision he is the very essence of what coaches would dream of at WR. Besides what he will do at WR he will also more than likely at as the KR/PR guy.
At Tennessee he hauled in 46 receptions for 778 yards (averaging 16.9 yards per reception, long of 58 yards) and five touchdowns.
Slot WR\ No. 3 WR
Jarius Wright
Wright may not be the biggest but he is dependable (In the 7 games he played in he caught a pass in each of them). He is sharp as a route runner, tough over the middle and knows how to get open vs. man and zone.
He had 22 catches for 310 yards (averaging 14.1 yards per catch) and 2 TDs.
So if you expand his number of games to 16 he should get around 44 catches 620 yards and 4 TDs.
No. 4 WR
Jerome Simpson
Size, speed, and almost incomparable athleticism are what he brings but he has rarely put it together and that is why he should not be counted on. If the Vikings ever go to a 4 WR formation look for him to play outside while Jennings shifts inside.
Last season he played in 12 games because suspension and was limited because of a freak back injury when he did play, he had 26 catches for 274 yard (averaging 10.5 yards) and 0 TDs. In 2011 he played in 16 games and had 50 catches for 725 yards (averaging 14.5 yards) and 4 TDs and in 2010 he played in 5 games which resulted in 20 catches 277 yards and 3 TDs.
No. 5 WR
Rodney Smith
A lot of things can be taught but size is not one of them, Smith stands in at 6’6. He seems to take coaching well during training camp as he has corrected the mistakes that coaches have told him about during this time.
As a sophomore he started 8 games and caught 31 passes for 448 yards and 3 TDs, in his junior year he started 12 games and had 36 catches for 561 yards and 4 TDS as a senior he started 14 games and had 38 catches for 524 yards and 3 TDs. While those numbers are not staggering he did show consistency. Although some could argue he was limited by a run first offence, which may be why he is a good blocker.
No. 6 WR
While two are listed here it is because Childs is on the PUP list and will not count against the final 53 man roster.
Joe Webb
He is working to improve at WR but he is not there yet so they will likely keep him around to see if he can play for a while. While I am unsure how well he is at route running they say he has pretty good hands and we all know when the ball is in his hand good things usually happen.
Greg Childs
He has is currently on the PUP and I am pretty sure he will start out the season on it as well. If Webb or Smith falters at all and he is healthy one of them could be cut to make room for him.
Adam Thielen
Thielen seems to be a very dependable WR based of his college production (even though it was division 2). He also is a better than average KR/PR guy again based of college production. Maybe he can show he can make the competition leap the Vikings seem to have faith in him after giving him the largest UFA contract out of everyone. While he may not initially make the cut if someone goes down he will likely be the first guy called up.
This is what Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said Saturday “He makes some spectacular catches. He made one yesterday where he took it off the top shelf, really elevated and made a great catch. He has done that consistently. We have seen good things.” This is from an interview done by Ben Goessling of twincities.com.
Thielen caught 21 passes 225 yards and a touchdown as a freshman in 2009. In 2010, he caught 41 passes and led the MSU with 686 yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. As a junior he caught 62 passes for 715 yards and 5 touchdowns. In 2012 Thielen led MSU’s receiving corps with 74 receptions for a total of 1,176 yards and 8 touchdowns.
Stephen Burton
He has always been a good blocker but this year Burton has improved a lot coming into training camp and he attributes this all to Jennings. He will never be a top guy but should be a nice role player.
I would have went more in depth with these two but not listening to coaches means their faith is already decided.
Erik Highsmith
Does not seem to take what the coaches say and try to improve on it.
Chris Summers
Does not seem to take what the coaches say and try to improve on it.

By roger

92 comments on “Which WRs?

  1. I still think there is a place for Joe Webb on the team. Patriots are a smart team and picked up Tebow and not as a QB. Tebow may have had more success as a QB than Webb but I bet Webb will have more success as a gadget player than Teblow. Somebody’s gonna find out, may as well be the Vikings.

  2. From NFL.com…

    The Dallas Cowboys are preparing to open the preseason minus the services of quarterback Tony Romo.
    Multiple sources told Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com on Friday that Romo won’t play in Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game against the Miami Dolphins.
    Romo hasn’t missed a practice during training camp after surgery in April to remove a cyst from his back…..

    Reliable sources say that the cyst was monkey-shaped and could not be removed.

  3. August 9 Houston will be coming to town, bringing 289 lbs DE, 6’5, J.J. Watt, and
    5’10, 207 lbs Rookie Safety D.J. Swearinger to maybe try to end Petersons efforts to break the records right from the start? Like putting the hurt on him right at the beginning of football season? How about Ponder? Will he be on the hit list as well?

    Sportswriters like to compare D.J. to our H. Smith, as an upcoming good player….

  4. I would expect to see a lot of Joe Webb, Stephen Burton, Jerome Simpson and Jarius Wright from middle 1st to halftime … then Webb and Burton still fighting for position into the 3rd …

    Come Friday


    Guaranteed to be resting by 8mins left in the 1st quarter

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