Sweep the Leg


Yes, when quoting the bad guy from a popular movie, it sounds like an underhanded method to come away with a victory. But in reality, it is a respectable method: find your opponent’s biggest weakness, and exploit it. With that in mind, it is best to know what your own weaknesses are, and figure out how they can be exploited. Knowing this is the first step to overcoming your weaknesses.

The Vikings have a strong unit this year, but they are not without their weaknesses. Among the most prevalent of these weaknesses is the offensive guards. Despite somehow being voted the best RG in the NFC North, Fusco is still a liability. He has trouble sticking with his block and gets overpowered by DTs and blitzing LBs frequently. However, that pales in comparison to the busted left leg that is Charlie Johnson. Numerous times last season, I actually saw him sidestep out-of-the-way of a blitzing defender to “assist” Kalil or Sullivan with a block that they had well under control. If I am the defensive coordinator against the Vikings, this is definitely a weakness I would attack relentlessly.

Defensively, the Vikings’ weaknesses this year seem to be up the middle. As the 1-technique DT, Guion graded out as the worst in the league. Brinkley was also a liability, not so much in run support as pass protection, but we could use an improvement in both areas at the MLB spot this season. It has yet to be seen whether Erin Henderson can provide that improvement, but until he shows he can, I would target both running and passing plays right down the center of the field and find out if the converted weak side linebacker has what it takes to succeed as the leader of this defense.

And there still is the glaring question mark at the team’s QB position. Is Ponder a weakness, or can his lack of production be attributed to a lack of competent receivers and experience at the position? Has he made strides to improve upon this coming into his third year in the league? If the first two days of training camp are any clue to this, then the answer doesn’t look good. But those of us who are eternal optimists want to push that aside and just hope that he’ll get it figured out by the time we head to the Broken City. Nevertheless, until he proves otherwise, Ponder is still a weakness that defenses will exploit until he backflips on one foot and simultaneously uses it to smack them in the face before performing a flawless landing.

So with these weaknesses, how come Frazier doesn’t look worried? Well, why should he when he has the reigning MVP to show the league once again that HGH can’t improve a team’s skills half as much as Adrian Peterson can.


129 comments on “Sweep the Leg

  1. With pre-season just around the corner, I believe that it’s important we get to the vital issues concerning this team.
    Such as, when you re-arrange the letters in packer coach Mike McCarthy’s name, you get:

    ‘My Cricket Ham’, and

    ‘Me Hit My Crack’.

    • It is a typo. Of all people, Titus, you should be able to appreciate that they do occur from time to time.

      07/25/2013 @ 9:55 PM[Edit]
      But I must admit– it is kind of funny– I don’t want to laugh at anyone’s misfortune, but– HEE HEE. Ball is clearly rolling the Vikings way. Could this be a sign? A sign of Super Bowl?
      07/26/2013 @ 11:25 PM[Edit]
      I have a feeling we see Cassell by game three.

    • I guess Guion is ok but still I would prefer Evans over him. While neither one of them is a starting caliber NT Evans has better size and was better last year. As long as he is rotated with regularity he should stay fresh and capable of being a decent force till a true replacement for Pat Williams can be found, hopefully next draft.

  2. Ok here’s the DEAL! Go to amazon and purchase the Madden 25 Anniversary Edition for $99.00. Included is a code to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to your computer or mobile device. Such a deal for out of market fans. I’ve got mine coming plus the adaptor cables to turn my flat screen into a monitor. Roger, why can’t I stream off my Blue Ray player? That would seem like a simple shortcut but it won’t stream…

      • I still play Madden 08 on my original XBox. But that’s primarily because I chose a Wii for the following generation, and found that playing Bobble Head Madden was pathetic at best.

        I’m switching over to Playstation now, and already have the PS4 pre-ordered with a copy of Madden 25. I know that the game is going to be pretty different from what I play now (transitioning from 05 to 08 was tedious) but I’m hoping that you’re wrong and I’ll grow to like the game after I get accustomed to the differences.

  3. Funny how people say Burton had a good day, but Ponder bad… Ponder threw him those passes, i’m sure Cassel threw him a few, but from what i read the most impressive plays were a deep ball and touchdown from Ponder. Chillax dudes, it’s 3 days into training camp.

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