Training Camp 2013


Training Camp in Mankato has arrived and all of our questions will finally be answered!

Will Adrian Peterson fulfil his destiny?

Can we replace Antoine Winfield?

Who will win the MLB position?

How many beers will Jared Allen murder?

How many gentleman will Mauti Mash?

Does gravity define Jerome Simpson?

Is Christian Ponder ready to be a man?

What is the status of HCG’s urethra?


For live updates here is a list of people to follow on twitter, feel free to add to the list. – Replaced Tom Pellisero

By greatirishpotatofamine

105 comments on “Training Camp 2013

  1. Interesting news about Winfield, even though its still very early. I wish nothing but the best for him, but i’ve said all along that he made the wrong decision in goin to Seattle. He’s been around long enough to know that it was a football and business decision to release him this spring, even though we offered him more money than Seattle. Keep an overpaid, injury prone, old CB that will retire within a couple of years or resign a solid, young RT that the best RB in the league and possibly of all time is begging you to keep. Spielman did what needed to be done.

  2. If you are ‘politically correct’, skip to the next comment…

    (12 year-old daughter, to father)…..”Dad, I was looking at your wedding pictures with mommy in them. She was wearing ALL WHITE…..Why did all the brides wear white back then” ???

    (Father)…..”Honey, back then ALL household appliances were white”.

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