Breaking down 2nd/3rd year QB’s

There are 11 QB’s in their 2nd or 3rd year that are starters for their respective teams in the NFL-
the list is as follows:

NFC East-Robert Griffin III/Redskins (2nd year)
NFC West-Colin Kapernick/49ers (3rd year)
Russell Wilson/Seahawks (2nd year)
NFC North-Christian Ponder/Vikings (3rd year)
NFC South-Cam Newton/Panthers (3rd year)

AFC East-Ryan Tannehill/Dolphins (2nd year)
AFC West-
AFC North-Andy Dalton/Bengals (3rd year)
Brandon Weeden/Browns (2nd year)
AFC South-Andrew Luck/Colts (2nd year)
Jake Locker/Titans (3rd year)
Blaine Gabbert/Jaguars (3rd year)

Each week, I will review 2 QB’s (starting with 2nd years’crop) and work my way through the list ending with our own #7.

Review will include-their NFL career accomplishments up to date, and what to expect fron them this year. Also included will be an exclusive Viking-ology end-of year prediction as to what place each team will wind up at the end of the upcoming season.


Will RG III have his own reality show?
Will Kapernick be traded to Miami?
Will Weeden retire next year?
Will we Ponder our own signal-caller?

These questions and many more will be answered right here on VikingsFootballBlog.
Let the quest for the Lombardi Trophy begin…


By vikingology

107 comments on “Breaking down 2nd/3rd year QB’s

  1. Aaron Rodgers stats…

    3 9 16 56.3 65 4.06 0 16 1 2 — 39.8
    2 6 15 40.0 46 3.07 0 16 0 1 — 48.2
    2 20 28 71.4 218 7.79 1 43 0 0 — 106.0
    16 341 536 63.6 4,038 7.53 28 71 13 6 66.9 93.8
    16 350 541 64.7 4,434 8.20 30 83 7 8 70.2 103.2
    15 312 475 65.7 3,922 8.26 28 86 11 2 69.2 101.2
    15 343 502 68.3 4,643 9.25 45 93 6 4 86.2 122.5
    16 371 552 67.2 4,295 7.78 39 73 8 5 72.5 108.0

    As you can see by the the above stats, Rodgers never became a ‘complete’ QB until his 4th year, when he admitted to “getting used to staring at big guy’s butts”.

  2. Anyway, whomever keeps ‘thumbs-downing’ HCG, myself, Vegas, Parody and the rest, …..years ago (and the above mentioned know this), I lost my fiancee to cancer. I then went to Central America and had some real adventures (I related some of them here).
    My point is, rather than waste your time ‘thumbs downing’ everyone, why not go out and make your own adventures ??????

  3. Speaking of young QBs, why is it that a majority of people think that Ponder has already lost his opportunity to ever become a franchise QB, but Bradford is still getting the benefit of the doubt? With an extra year in the league, Bradford’s career averages are almost identical to Ponder’s, with the exception of YPG, where Bradford has a 46-yard advantage.

    However, Bradford has never gotten his team to the playoffs or even a winning season. He had a worse record than Ponder in both of Ponder’s years in the league, just barely got better Quarterback ratings in both years, and he is the highest paid rookie EVER!

    So am I trapped in a vaccuum, not knowing that there really are a lot of people calling for Bradford’s head to be turned into their personal bed pan and wishing the team hadn’t traded away the opportunity to draft RG3, or is Bradford truly receiving more free passes than a QB with less time in the league and significantly lower expectations from the get-go for no explicable reason?

    • Underrated no. Suck yes. Look no further than Ponder he is entering his second year as a starter and he is still developing. That kind of progress is too slow he should have already been the elite of elites by his rookie season but because he is not the Vikings will not win a single game.

      • I dont buy into that 2nd year as a starter garbage. Ponder has started 26 games in 2 seasons for an average of 13 per Season … 10 starts and 11 games in his rookie season. Ponder is going into his third year, not his second as a “starter”

        The only thing insiders use the phrase “second year as a starter” for is one BIG excuse for failure. Ive been patient with Ponder but he has a WR corp now and the excuses are over. Put up .or get splinters until the contract expires.

  4. @ Nova & HCG – the day you two were discussing who the culprit was that was giving you thumbs down 👎 I had consumed the Русский Стандарт in excess and thumbed y’all down, which at the time seemed funny. None of the other ones, just 3 (maybe 4…) that day. If it makes you feel any better I smiled every time I 👎.

  5. vikingology… after scanning your list, I think I like the chances of Ponder taking a step forward this year. I am not a big fan of Locker, Gabbert, Dalton or Newton, so I think Spielman got it right by drafting Ponder. Ponder has a solid cast around him with AP, Jennings, Rudolph, Patterson and the always dangerous Joe Webb.

    • I agree with the article – if Cutler can’t make the playoffs (and potentially win a game or two while there) the Bears should move on without him. He has been average at best, (his top 2 years were in his first 2 in Denver, where he posted 88.5 and 88.1 passer ratings), and likely won’t get any better now after 5-years with the team and 8-years in the league, as well as being on the wrong side of 30.

      This would be the perfect time for the Bears to move on with all the potential QB talent coming up in the 2014 draft and a new coaching staff to mold the fresh arm into the type of player they view is needed.

      Cutler will still start somewhere next year, but unless he has a good year in Chicago, that team shouldn’t be the bears.

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