Hamstring Part 2: Purple Lining

A few days ago I painted a sad picture when it comes to hamstring ruptures in the NFL. Today I will try to redeem myself by sharing a hopeful message that Demond Bishop has a great chance to return to be the playmaking linebacker he once was.

According to Dr. J.R. Rudzki a Sports-Medicine Specialist who has worked with the St. Louis Rams and other Professional sports teams, says hamstring tendon avulsions haven’t been well studied with NFL players. However, Rudzki thinks research “suggests” patients have roughly 70 to 85 percent odds of being able to return to their desired level of sports activity.

The good news for Bishop is that the last time the Vikings took a chance on a player returning from a serious hamstring tear, they hit the jackpot. Kyle Rudolph was selected in the second round of the 2011 draft when some teams were questioning his durability after he ruptured his hamstring at Notre Dame.

After 2 seasons in the NFL, Rudolph is looking great and kicking ass. So, my message to Bishop and all Vikings fans is, if Rudy can come back to win ProBowl MVP honors… Surely, Desmond can have a successful return and make a run at defensive MVP.

109 comments on “Hamstring Part 2: Purple Lining

  1. I’m sure Bishop will be a starter, but Erin is too keyed in on the MLB position to let a feebled former Packer steal it from him.

    Erin has just enough fight in him to prove to be a decent upgeade over Brinkley while Bishop will man the Will position and help create an overall upgrade to the group this year.

  2. Parody,
    I agree, the Bishop signing will bring the best out of Erin. To my knowledge the Viking coaching staff has not announced if Henderson will stay in the middle or move back to the outside. Bishop says the linebacker positions are somewhat interchangeable and he can play anywhere the coaches put him.

    Paul Allen, the voice of the Vikings, seems to think Bishop will win the mike position in nickel situations. Does that mean the Vikings will rotation of Erin and Desmond at MLB and start Hodges on the outside??

    I am not sure what to predict.. but it will be fun to keep an eye on the linebacker competion in camp.

      • According to this writer, profootballfocus grades Bishop out as being slightly better in pass coverage. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1683249-what-does-desmond-bishop-bring-to-the-vikings

        I really don’t care who plays middle.. Neither one excels in coverage, but Bishop is better at getting to the QB for sacks. That may just be more of a product of a 3-4 system?? But that is one reason to use him at OLB.

        I think Hodges will be our best pass coverage linebacker.

        Last year the Vikings were in a nickel more than the base defense. This year that will change. We now have 2 big physical corners that can play press man coverage on the outside. If you can do a good job in man coverage out of a base D… a zone nickel will not be needed as much.

        In my opinion the Vikings will use man coverage more, use linebackers more, and maybe show a hybrid scheme that will leave our 3 linebacker on the field but take Sanford off. Bringing Josh Robinson in to cover slots man to man and leave Greenway, Henderson and Bishop to cover TE and backs and also rush the QB makes sense to me.

        I am not a big fan of the nickel cover 2 soft zone. Bring on some physical man coverage and let our linebackers get after the QB.

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