Indenpendence Day…

great movie. Well here is to Freedom, the American way of life, and Vikings football. Also be safe and have fun.

By roger

33 comments on “Indenpendence Day…

  1. Happy 4th!
    Some of you guy were talking about the greatest QB of all time… Well my favorite QB of all time made it to the ProBowl in 1986 and was the highest rated passer in the NFL that year. He was the first QB in the NFL to throw for over 450 yards in a game twice… He once threw 6 TDs against the Packers. He did a great job following a legendary QB. Who am I talking about? Non other than the Vikings first round pick in 1977 Tommy Kramer.

    The greatest fire works moment for me was when Krammer threw a Hail Mary to Ahmad Rashad with 6 seconds left to beat Cleveland and take us to the playoffs in 1980.

    Kramer may not be the greatest of all time… But Tarkenton and Kramer back to back get my vote for best ever. Well Favre and Rodgers is a pretty good combo too, but cheese makes my sick to my stomach.

  2. So Cal Viking.
    Thank you for posting the info. This is a REAL EYE OPENER..I hope everyone on this site took the time to read and watch,

    This and the one above on the Nazi Officer Ross, is warning us just what could and can happen in the near future And is apparently happening right now!

    You might want to watch what all of you post, as the new Nazi US Government could and most likely is watching and filing away for future use everything you say!

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