Under The Radar But On Top Of Mankato

A good performance at a regional combine in Chicago earned WR Adam Thielen an invite to the Super Regional Combine held at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. Among 218 college football players performing in front of 30 NFL teams… Adam got noticed by the Minnesota Vikings earning one of the 34 invites to the team’s rookie mini camp tryout. After a great camp in front of all the Vikings’ staff, Adam was signed to the 90 man roster. If he sticks, Adam will get a chance to show case his talent in front of the Mankato faithful at the familiar confines of Minnesota State University.

After being awarded Minnesota State University’s Male Athlete of the year honors, Adam will not need any introduction in Mankato. Adam is also locally known as a two-time team caption that helped lead MSU to a 13-1 record and the NCAA Division II Semifinals. The Mankato fans also know Adam was named to the 2012 First-Team All-NSIC South Division Team. His four year career at MSU ends with Adam second all time in reception with 198. His name is 3rd all time in the record books for receiving yards at 2802 with 20 TDsthielen-jump-catch. Adam is also 3rd all-time at MSU in punt return yards with 582 on 57 attempts.

Yes, Adam might be flying a bit under the radar on a national level, but in Mankato he is on top of the world.

Good Luck #19 Adam Thielen!

By Carl K

92 comments on “Under The Radar But On Top Of Mankato

  1. I like this Thielen kid. Good size and speed… great hands.
    Youtube has a clip of Adam posting a blazing cone time. You can also find a long highlight video of him doing his thing on the football field.

  2. Ponder to Jennings!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Skol Vikings, let’s win this game,
    Skol Vikings, honor your name,
    Go get that first down,
    Then get a touchdown.
    Rock ’em . . . Sock ’em
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Go Vikings, run up the score,
    You’ll hear us yell for more. . .
    Skol, Vikings, let’s go!

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  5. The WR battle is exciting this season. Frazier clearly has a different type than Chilly. I just hope Joe Webb make the 53. I maintain Viking loyalty for his Eagles win and Bear effort from 2010. Its tough though because there are a couple of these UDFA’s that are 3-4 years younger and intriguing. Hopefully Webb holds the 4-5 spot on the depth chart and is good enough to let Simpson go after his 1 year deal is up. I have no fandom for Simpson. Then keep 2 of these young ones on the practice squad.

  6. Mr. Titus Just post all the dirty stories you can find with all the f words and you will not have any further problems. Me? I am just waiting for some big news to break, so I can read about something other then turtles, or snakes. I want August to get here to watch a team worth cheering for.

      • Not at all Roger-healthy arguments are good for this site-look no further than our own Parody for that!
        When Parody has a counterpoint, he backs it up with stats, thats what makes him a great addition to this blog.
        Keep it up Roger!
        In the end, we all want the same result-everything else is just fluff ~

    • I have read plenty of arguments over the best QB of all time, with a central point being whether a SB appearance or lack of– and on top of that, how many wins in a SB should be the major criteria. Heck, your top 5 are all from the modern era. They might shift down a few if you add the old school players– of course, then the debate widens to include: do we factor differences in the game over time? As far as SB, look at AP– if AP never gets to the SuperBowl, will he be demoted from being teh best running back of all time? No. So, then you bring in players like Jim Kelly who was awesome, leading his team to the SB four straight years– he could gun sling like Favre into quadruple coverage. I said in top 15 for Elway– maybe he is 11 or 12 overall – -so don’t get excited. Why did he have to have so many last minute come backs if he was so good?

  7. In the next coming weeks I will break down all teams with 2nd and 3rd year QB’s and their respective teams and where they will finish this year.
    The theme along with the title: QB or not QB – Preview of 2nd and 3rd year Quarterbacks. Look for it on VFB.com

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    Actually were you able to get Tomb Raider? Did they severely edit it?

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    • Tomb Raider was awesome! I’d say it was probably edited but I couldn’t tell the difference. I bought left for dead 2 a couple of years back when the ban went in affect and there was almost no blood so I would get kicked off every game because it censored everyone else’s game or something like that. Frustrating!

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