Adrian Peterson-King of the NFL

NFL network has revealed the top 10 players of last season. Adrian Peterson was voted #1 by his peers as the best football player of the 2012-2013 season. Peyton Manning was #2, Calvin Johnson came in at #3 while Aaron Rodgers, which many speculated to be at #1, came in at #6.

AP is one of those rare players that only come around once in a “Purple” Moon, and I hope one day we can add Super Bowl winner to his list of accomplishments.

Congratulations Adrian for pulling off the improbable and making it look like a walk in the park-you worked mightily to come back, stronger than ever, and have instilled fear and respect in your opponents.

(photo courtesy of NFL Network)

By vikingology

73 comments on “Adrian Peterson-King of the NFL

  1. Im with Spencer. The more I think about this team the more excited I get. The addition of Bishop, Jennings and the 3 first rounders while only losing Percy …

    GB squeaked out a Division title by luck(and a bad game by Ponder), then we get 2 of the better players from their last Super Bowl just 2(?) years ago. Game planning the Packers will be so much easier now.

  2. Nothing like the old days of the Browns/Broncos AFC title games-I felt bad for Bernie Kosar, he was a fun QB to watch. I wish he would have got to a Super Bowl, but unfortunately, there was a fellow named John Elway who had something to say about that.

  3. I will miss Winfield.. but I also feel our secondary will take a step forward this year.
    Cook, Rhodes, Josh Robinson and Harrison Smith are young guys with talent that should continue to improve.

    I will also miss the playmaking of Percy Harvin. However, I also feel the Vikings will actually take a step forward in this department as well.

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