Ruptured Hamstring Not An Easy Come Back

Desmond Bishop says he is 100% healthy and he even thinks he has a shot to be defensive MVP this season after missing all of 2012 with a torn hamstring.

The American Journal of Orthopedics looked at 10 confirmed cases of ruptured hamstrings and only 5 out of those 10 came back to play in more than 1 game.

Let’s hope Eric Sugarman’s healing powers can make the cheese head front office look silly for cutting Bishop.

By Carl K

49 comments on “Ruptured Hamstring Not An Easy Come Back

  1. Those stats don’t paint an overly optimistic picture, but Viking’s staff were impressed enough with his workout to make him an offer. One can only believe that there’s a performance clause in his contract.

  2. The thing I dislike about those stats is the severely small population size of the study. The true odds could very well be skewed far from those found in the study. It’s especially perplexing that they had the audacity to divide these players further into groups of age, position, and draft value – among other things – as that now allows them to use groups of one (or even ZERO!) to represent a population.

    I could go on, but it already seems more than obvious that the results of this study should be considered as reliable as a “new” transmission installed in Madison.

    • A ruptured hamstring tendon that is completely torn away from the bone and needs to be surgically re-attached is some what rare even in the NFL. I am sure that if the AJO had more cases to study they would have included them.

      The Vikings signed Bishop to a 1 year “low risk” 1.35 million contract with playing time incentives built in.
      A bargin price for a future defensive MVP.

  3. OK, I’m all confused. Hernandez is questioned….Hernandez is sent home….Hernandez is under more suspicion….Hernandez is not a suspect….Hernandez is arrested.

    I could really go for a waffle right now for some reason.

  4. desde mexico 47 años y 39 años FANATICO viking!!!!!…tarkenton kramer archie moon mcmahon George “cuninferroteMOSS” “tavarezjackson” “mcburger” ponder afraidarm!!! vs playoff packers/lambeau????????????????????????

    GO MBT!

    listen missgrave! 2013 NO excuses!!! PASSRUNRUN or RUNRUNRUN or PASSRUNRUN

    GO VIKE´S!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!!! & ALL DA YEARS!!!

    • The entire Patriots GM squad should be arrested too. They’re all guilty of obstruction of justice.

      They signed Tebow to be a TE how long ago? They obviously knew something was going to happen with Hernandez. The entire Tebow to New England thing didn’t make a lick of sense to me until I heard the news this morning.

  5. Aaron Hernandez, if found guilty of murder, should also be found guilty of gross stupidity. It never ceases to amaze me how these overpaid, overindulged athletes consider themselves ‘above the law’.
    From the time that they are old enough to tie their own cleats, they are constantly reminded just how ‘special’ they are. For someone with extremely poor judgement (and a huge ego), I guess eventually they believe thay can do anything without any consequences.
    This is the equivalent of one of us winning the lottery and to ‘celebrate’, going out and killing someone we don’t particularly care for. Except we wouldn’t do that, because we haven’t been put on a pedestal all our lives.
    The only thing that I hate more than athletes who consider themselves ‘God-like’ are the scum-sucking defense attorneys who want to make a name for themselves by defending them.

  6. All Day Everyday-All Day Everyday-All Day Everyday-All Day Everyday

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    Even though we already knew =) Go Vikings wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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