MiniCamp Wrap Up

The Vikes wrap up the three day mandatory mini-camp today. It sounds like the offense finally got on track yesterday with several Christian Ponder completions to a variety of receivers. I will post updates during the activities today from the great Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN Minneapolis, hopefully Shawn will throw some in as well. Skol dudes.


82 comments on “MiniCamp Wrap Up

  1. VEGAS!!! Awesome news – finally got my alternator tested tonight – it was just a bad battery and a couple of dirty connections in the J-Box.

    Still need to replace the blown dash lights again.

  2. Read a report that the 49ers contacted Bishop, but he would likely be a backup there. Also read something from KC stating they would have to “massage” their salary cap in order to sign him.

  3. “Rookie Jeff Locke averaged 4.56 seconds of hang time on nine punts in a short-field situation, dropping eight inside the 10 while showcasing the Australian-style drop he uses inside the 50.”
    Can you explain this, GIPF? I assume you did this on your pro day? Maybe it just means he punts bare-assed

  4. Slow Vikings news cycle, so here is a treat(if you like Zep and Floyd) I found. Local THREE piece band of kids who are great live. Watch it if you want but know it is sweet. Somehow it is a cellphone recording so it should sound as shitty as it looks, yet it doesn’t. Double-Chief from Mt. Shasta!!!

  5. this is just my opinion but im not a fan of ray lewis at all,i think people think he is awesome but really he just wont shut the hell up,he talks so much that people hype him up to be like the best player ever…just my opinion

  6. Witnessed an ugly fan/athlete interaction today that made me realise the crap some of these guys must go through just trying to walk down the street. This particular player deserved it so meh

  7. With the addition of Bishop, we should have gained some good strategical advantage against the Packers in both games. We have two players now who are extremely familiar with how their team operates, Jennings offensively and Bishop defensively.

    The coaching staff should be doing all they can to figure out everything these two guys know and get some good game plans built up. It will go a long ways in turning the tide for two of the toughest games of the year.

  8. I can’t wait for all the upcoming packer hate, it’s gonna go something like this “Bishop and Jennings are past their prime and no longer fit into our super duper championship team. Cheers 🍻 and burp. We have a highly paid QB, we don’t need anyone else, cheers 🍻and burp. Vikings don’t have any Super Bowl championships therefor we can trash talk them all the time cause we’re the greatest, just ask our corn fed hefer wives. Cheers 🍻and burp”

    • Bishop was touted as the second best defender on their team two years ago. Just a couple months ago, Packer fans were expressing excitement for the chance to get him back to replace either Hawk or Jones. Now that he’s gone, they’re “better off without him”.

      We’ll see. But if he’s as good as his once greatest fans (now greatest haters) said he is, then he should be a good upgrade to what was the most questionable portion of our defense.

  9. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it hard to control my excitement for the upcoming season. We’ve made some significant improvements to a playoff-calibre team. I’m at pucker-factor 10+ just thinking about the possibilities!!

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