Chew Bacca, (no relation to Jeff Baca) was a walk on during OTA’s at Winter Park. Though undrafted, he had an impressive combine, though he ran a 16.4- 40, he set a record in the bench press, lifting until asked to please stop.

"He is stronger than a retarded gorilla on pcp."

“He is stronger than a retarded gorilla on pcp.”

Per coach Leslie Frasier; “Chewy has a lot to offer our team. His thick fur coat will certainly aid us as we play outside at the Gopher hole in 2014 and 2015. Also in ota’s, he was hitting a Clay Mathews size target with that laser crossbow at 80 yards. I have a lot of confidence in that young fellow, and our ability to communicate with Mr. Bacca. I don’t foresee him ever ripping Bill Musgraves arms off.”


117 comments on “CHEW BACCA.

  1. Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.

    Grave danger you are in. Impatient you are.

    Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.

    Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

    Always in motion is the future.

    Around the survivors a perimeter create.

    Size matters not.

    Blind we are, if creation of this clone army we could not see.

    A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.

    Help you I can, yes.

    Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice.

    When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will

  2. Does anyone know if bishop is good/bad? Coverage? Tackling? The only info I found is that he was rated 85 overall on madden 12…

    Frazier said the only training camp doubt will be childs so Mauti will be there to compete and win!

      • “It’s cool,” Henderson said of Bishop’s visit. “I hope it goes well for him (and) the Vikings like what they see. Welcome him with open arms, welcome him to the team. Not really sure what it’s about. I’m just employee No. 50, baby. I just come out here and do what they ask me to do on the field.”

        “You definitely need as many good players as you can have,” he added. “You never know what’s going to happen throughout the season. All the ebbs and flows and ups and downs (of) 16 games. People get beat up, people get injured, get hurt. So it’s always good to have people that can come in and play.”

    • Yeah, we’ve heard about several INTs he’s thrown, but just remember: 10-6 last year, and we made several areas of the team better this year.

      If Ponder gets NO better than he was last year, we’re still in the playoffs.

  3. Sitting at the MSP airport ready to fly back to Vegas.
    Things I’ll miss…
    1. Friends & family
    2. MN hospitality
    3. Viking fans on every corner
    4. Harassing anyone stupid enough to wear Green Bay swag in Minnesota
    5. Reliving childhood memories in Albert Lea
    6. Fresh air
    Things I won’t miss…
    1. Mosquitos
    2. Humidity
    3. Pot holes
    4. Rain
    5. Green Bay fans in Minnesota

    Looks like the pro’s outweigh the cons…. But it’s not winter

  4. The LEADER of a NATION ….

    “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari’ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.” -Vladimir Putin

  5. You know what we should have done when we replaced the North Stars and Lakers? Instead of going with Timberwolves and Wild, we should have named the basketball team the North Stars and the hockey team the Lakers. Lakers makes perfect sense for a hockey team, since they play on a lake-like surface, and North Stars sounds like it’s right up there with other basketball team names, (kinda thinking Monstars from Space Jam).

    Plus, both team names scream Minnesota, as they are derived from Minnesota state slogans. Then Texas and LA wouldn’t be allowed to put up any fuss over it, because we switched the sports that the names represent.

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