Vote for Rookie of the Year!

With three first round draft picks, all of whom were deemed to have been grabbed long after they should have been, the Vikings are in a great position to add one or potentially two players to their Rookie of the Year list. Most recently, Randy Moss in ’98, Adrian Peterson in ’07, and Percy Harvin in ’09 won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Before them, the other two Vikings to have earned the award were Chuck Foreman in ’73 and Sammy White in ’76. That is a strong list of names for a candidate like Cordarrelle Patterson to add himself to.

Surprisingly though, as strong of defenses as the Vikings have been able to build in the history of the franchise, they have never once had a Defensive Rookie of the Year. Can players like Floyd, Rhodes or Hodges step up to the challenge and become the first? You decide! Vote for the Viking who you think is the most likely candidate to win Rookie of the Year in 2013.

80 comments on “Vote for Rookie of the Year!

  1. I voted for the “new” CP in town. My reasoning is he has the most upside to stun the voters. However I’m hoping the other two first rounders have the most impact. AND this just in… TJACK BACK to Vikings west

  2. i voted for rhodes,i think him and cook and whoever we put in the slot are gonna shut down a lot of great WR’s this season,i cant wait to watch the vikings this year,the offseason is the only thing that makes me wish life would go faster

  3. I voted for Xavier also– when you hear him speak, he is always looking for the advantage. Wobbles tried to lead him on with a question– is it hard for you being restricted from touching because I know how physical you like to be with the receivers– and Xavier said, no, it makes me a better player. This kid, watch out, will be at the top for a long time.

    • That barely gives justice to what we have endured- did it mention we were 15-1 and Gary Anderson had not missed a field goal since dec of 1997– and that championship game was in early 1999? Or that when Favre threw the interception, we had the ball for like 35 minutes of the game, some four to five hundred yards of offense– all on the road!!! It looked like we were finally going — UGH!!!! Why, oh why did I watch that? Throw in the metrodome collapsing– how about Favre coming back and hobbling amidst a constant drone of boos surrounding Chilly…

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