Final OTA Updates

The Vikes wrap up their voluntary organized team activities on Wednesday, June 12th. The 11th is open to the press, so I will be posting updates from the great Tom P of 1500 ESPN Minneapolis. Please feel free to post any other updates you may have, and then……………………….we’ll talk about em! SKOL.

72 comments on “Final OTA Updates

  1. Scoped out Grand Canyon today. Um….it’s big. My brain hurt just trying to fathom the distance.

    Found huge tarantula last night, got a fuzzy pic. Will try to get clear one tonight if it doesn’t rip my arm off at the shoulder.

    Golf tomorrow. I will NOT be chasing balls out of bounds.

    Found some Cowboy fans at the canyon. They sure tried hard to make me feel bad about being a Viking fan. I just asked them a few questions about their recent playoff record and their recent record against us. Still couldn’t shut the guy up.

    Skol Dudes!!!

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