The One and Only Rule…

I know this is HCG’s site and all but when I sent the invite to those on the power hungry Wob- weasel’s blog I said you will be accepted as long as you treat your fellow bloggers with respect. That does not mean you can not have different views but does mean insulting fellow bloggers like an asshole will not be accepted, if anyone has a problem with that please GO INTERCOUSE YOURSELF!

HCG sorry if I over stepped your bounds by posting this.

117 comments on “The One and Only Rule…

  1. I recently escaped from HCG’s bipolar sexually frustrated mosquitoes. While I am free now I am certain they are still after me and so I may be out of contact for a while till I either lose them, eradicate them, or die trying. But even after I return I do not want to talk about what they made me do. It was too horrible for words…

    • No internet, while I was able to read some of the stuff that was posted I could not write anything myself.
      Although I do appreciate the concern you showed and thought some of the ideas of what happened were interesting.
      Trapped in a video game…
      Actually that could be interesting for a game idea but may end up being called a Tron rip off.

  2. I’m sitting here watching the rain dance on the lake and beat on the roof, listening to Paul Simon (courtesy of Nova) with the generator humming in the background (of course its a Honda) in the middle of the forest. The hummingbirds are fighting over the feeder, in the rain no less, and Boo is asleep on the floor dreaming about chasing snowshoe hares and mule deer. Thank you for all the musical contributions!

    • Walt coped out.
      Yeah Fales looks pretty good but Ponder still has a shot at being good\great. He now has a decent assortment of weapons and he has all the skills necessary to succeed.
      There are two things (technically 3) working against him though Musgrave’s play calling and the OGs Johnson and Fusco. The Musgrave thing may be helped by the addition of a WR who can actually run routes. While the OG situation may improve by Fusco getting better by gaining experience or being replaced by Bond while Johnson just out right being replaced by Jeff “King of the Jungle” Baca.

      • I think it’s too early to rule out Fusco, remember Sully’s first couple of seasons? People kept calling him weak and he’d get pushed around a lot now he’s one of the best in the league.

        It’s comforting that there is probably going to be 6-7 QB’s with first round grades next year if things fall apart, Ponder better get motivated!

  3. 6-6 330 (380 at one time). Before the weight loss Spielman just thought of him as a massive guy. After losing weight he impressed Spielman so much with how he was able to move for such a big he thought Bond was a completely different player.
    If Fusco falters the right side of the OLine would be super beefy and very very large running lanes would open for Petey and the Albino Rhino.
    Also Bond was hit by a truck before the draft(early on) and dented the truck with out being severely hurt, he was a little annoyed though since he was already late for his class. Later on realized his wrist was broken when he was bench pressing.

  4. FREE WI-FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Roger.

    Made it to Sedona without losing much hair. Freekin beautiful here. Got in the house and 15 minutes later found our first scorpion crouched behind a door.

    Trying to figure out how you all can see the photos. We’re putting them on FB.
    Here is a link to my wife’s page:

    Let me know if you can view them. Off to work on my tan and sweat off some pounds.

    • I work with a guy who collects all sorts of bugs and snakes. The other day he caught a scorpion and was walking around showing it to everyone while it crawled around on his hand. I asked him if he was afraid it would sting him. He said “I’m basically the ground for the scorpion, it won’t sting the ground” makes sense. Morale of the story? While on vacation NW2, don’t do a damn thing. Just lay around and let the scorpions think you are the ground.

      • Vegas, I guess your co-worker never heard this ancient fable….
        The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion says ” I can’t help it, it’s simply my nature “.


    NO! The Vikings messed up. They should have signed him. Imagine if you will Tebow and Webb in a wild cat formation. Great possibilities would have been had.
    Could have converted him to a TE or a FB and used him as Carlson’s replacement seeing as Johnny has done nothing to warrant a roster spot except his large contract based on his minimal skill set.

      • Gronkowski is a injury waiting to happen.
        Seriously he dropped into the 2nd round because of a back injury. Then he had the ankle deal during the Super Bowl run. Then he broke the forearm last season followed by breaking it again later in the season. Then the forearm got infected and now he is having another back surgery.

        Gronk is good but he is falling apart at the seems.
        With that said Tebow may be possibly useful at least as a gadget player.

  6. I noticed on Nazivike that there is a ‘Top Commentator’ named Justin Huffman.

    In order to keep our #1 status and attract more bloggers, I will now be known as ‘Dustin Hoffman’.

  7. Moved up to North Dakota to get in on the oil boom. might as well see how much loot I can pile up. Found this site while tooling around the NFL sites
    Might as well tell you I don’t have a favorite NFL team. I like to watch the games, and before they start, I pick the team that is known as the underdog. I whoop and holler for them. Next time the same thing, don’t get much gray hair that way.

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