98 comments on “Ka-Pow!

  1. Well HCG, I certainly wouldn’t want to step on any toes, so…….Since both of our countries are democracies,I propose a vote by our followers;

    Those of you who want me to stop editing BB7’s comments, vote BB7

    Those of you who feel BB7’s comments are ridiculous and don’t belong here, vote Nova.

    If I lose, I will leave this blog permanently, as I did with Nazivike.

    Everyone PLEASE VOTE.

  2. We could just block him. Granted there are no rules here, but maybe we should have 1. Don’t be insulting as all hell like that guy. He has had several warnings. From this point out he merely detracts from the experience here, and will end up chasing away bloggers. I vote Nova.

  3. I think I successfully banned him. I am all for his freedom to speak, over at daily norseman, Viking.com, bleacher report, Kansas Viking, homophobes.com, anywhere else but here. Sorry to Shawn and others who don’t approve of censorship of any kind, but since I pay wordpress a sizable chunk of change each year not just for the blog, but to keep hypertext adds off of our site, I feel it is within my rights. We are better off without him, he is the Bernard Berrian of bloggers. And really, he isn’t worth all this attention. And attention is what he wants. Moving on…….

    I say 11 wins.

  4. So Cal….you might have missed this (from the Dallas Morning News)…..The 31-year-old signal-caller and his 14 or 15 buddies ditched the alcohol and partying. Instead, they traveled to a cabin in West Virginia and played a few games of hide-and-seek.
    “I didn’t really feel like going out, drinking that night,” Romo described. “I mean, we were there for a couple of days, so I was just like, ‘Let’s just find something to do here.’ We tried coming up with a game, but with 14 or 15 guys, there aren’t a lot of non-drinking games at that age you can do.”
    The ultra-competitive Romo even took pride in the fact that the group played twice and he won both times.
    “I stayed hidden for a while,” he said. “I had a pretty good spot. It was probably about 35 minutes. It was enjoyable to win just because I got to tell them all that I was smarter than them.
    “It was fun. We had a good time.”

  5. I certainly do not like the notion of censorship by a government of its people’s ideas. I suppose that is the traditional concept of censorship. A government tries to censor ideas that it considers dangerous to the government’s continued existence. That would imply that “freedom of the press” was being denied to at least some extent. In this case, we do not have a government involved, we have private citizens collaborating to create a forum for ideas primarily about a football team, These private citizens certainly have the right of ownership and, therefore, the right to control access to the forum. Those who don’t like the very few rules that are imposed can choose to either clean up their act or stop dropping by. The rules, as I understand them, are mostly to do with decorum and ideas, as long as they are expressed with a degree of civility, are encouraged. I vote Nova.
    Can anyone tell me why the DOTW is a group of beautiful bluebirds?

  6. I see us getting 11 wins but I would consider just making the playoffs a successful season. What would be the must see places for visiting Minnesota?

    “So many shoes, so little time” – Aaron Rodgers

  7. T Rex, with lead Marc Bolan, was one of the best up-and-coming bands of the 70’s until………Marc Bolan and his girlfriend Gloria Jones spent the evening of 15 September 1977 drinking at the Speakeasy and then dining at Morton’s club on Berkeley Square, in Mayfair, Central London. While driving home early in the morning of 16 September, Jones crashed Bolan’s purple Mini 1275GT into a tree (now the site of Bolan’s Rock Shrine), after failing to negotiate a small humpback bridge near Gipsy Lane on Queens Ride, Barnes, southwest London, a few miles from his home at 142 Upper Richmond Road West in East Sheen. While Jones was severely injured, Bolan was killed in the crash, two weeks before his 30th birthday.
    After Bolan, whose death ended the band, three other band members met untimely ends: Steve Peregrin Took died from asphyxiation from a cocktail cherry after his throat was numbed from his use of morphine and magic mushrooms in 1980, Steve Currie also died in a car crash, in 1981; Mickey Finn succumbed to illness in 2003

  8. i was watching some kyle rudolph pro bowl highlights earlier and a couple of those passes he caught down the middle looked like the same play matt ryan and tony gonzalez do all the time and it almost always works,we should do that

  9. I have a dilemma that only y’all can solve…. I moved to Las Vegas from Albert Lea MN in 1984…. I just accepted a new job in Albuquerque New Mexico (I didn’t even know there was a “NEW” Mexico)
    So my question is, can I still be rightfully VegasVike???

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