Ranking the Vikings’ Players Against the League

Most of us know that Bleacher Report compares all players to one-another in order to fill the time of football maniacs (you know who you are) during the offseason.  What most of us don’t know is that the entire effort is pretty much run by one columnist: Matt Miller.  I myself didn’t realize this until I got deep into my effort of finding all the Vikings and recording how they rank against the rest of the league.  This article is going to show you just where each Vikings starter ranks in the NFL.

After reading a few of his writeups I was about to give up the effort all together as they displayed that Miller had an extreme lack of knowledge of at least a good chunk of players, but I had already spent so much time that I decided to put it all together regardless.  Remember that these rankings are subjective, based largely on the opinion of someone who doesn’t know everything about what he’s talking about.  As proof, just take a look at a few things he said about our guys:

On Everson Griffen: “An above-average pass-rusher, Griffen doesn’t have great speed to turn the corner…”

On Blair Walsh: “Not bad for a rookie kicker.”

His rankings were baffling at times, not even mentioning starters like Fusco, Guion and Wright, while ranking their backups and ranking other backups (Jefferson, Ellison) higher than the starters (Robinson, Felton).  So take the numbers below with one hefty grain of salt.

I started out adjusting the Rankings by removing backups from the numbers, and adjusting players into the second and third spots for positions with multiple starters (like OG, CB, etc.) but got tired of it after a while, thus you’ll see the ranking adjust to numbers larger than 1 per team towards the end, with the exception of fullback of which there are apparantly only 16 left in the NFL.


LT – Kalil
Grade: 79/100
Rank: 12/32

LG – Johnson
Grade: 74/100
Rank: 30/32

C – Sullivan
Grade: 84/100
Rank: 6/32

RG – Fusco
Grade: Unrated
Rank: 32/32 (Default)

RT – Loadholt
Grade: 81/100
Rank: 6/32

TE – Rudolph
Grade: 86/100
Rank: 11/32

FB – Ellison … Felon
Grade: 81 … 75
Rank: 4/16 … 10/16

RB – Peterson
Grade: 96/100
Rank: 1/32

WR1 – Jennings
Grade: 86/100
Rank: 16/100

WR2 – Simpson (to be supplanted by Wright, and eventually Patterson)
Grade: 73/100
Rank: 76/100

QB – Ponder
Grade: 69/100
Rank: 48/65

LDE – Robison
Grade: 79/100
Rank: 17/50

DT – Williams
Grade: 75/100
Rank: 11/50

DT – Evans
Grade: 70/100
Rank: 17/50

RDE – Allen
Grade: 81/100
Rank: 13/50

SLB – Greenway
Grade: 75/100
Rank: 12/32

MLB – Henderson
Grade: 66.8 (Adjusted for WLB points to MLB equivalent)
Rank: 32/60 (Based on where the previous number falls between other players)

WLB – Open Competition
Grade: Unrated
Rank: 32/32 (Default)

CB1 – Cook
Grade: 70/100
Rank: 31/32

CB2 – Robinson (will eventually be Rhodes, and then Robinson will shift down to Jefferson’s spot, but there’s no grade on rookies)
Grade: 63/100
Rank: 31/32

CB3 – Jefferson
Grade: 63/100
Rank: 23/32

FS – Sanford
Grade: 66/100
Rank: 33/75

SS – Smith
Grade: 70/100
Rank: 21/75
Special Teams:

K – Walsh
Grade: 91/100
Rank: 1/32 (Remember the quote up above?  “Pretty good for a rookie“!)

P – Kluwe (We’ll just assume that Locke grades out as good as or better than Kluwe – he wouldn’t have been drafted otherwise, right?)
Grade: 83/100
Rank: 8/32

117 comments on “Ranking the Vikings’ Players Against the League

    • Parody, this post is the best(imo) Vikings news/opinion piece I can find on the net right now. YOU ROCK. please dont make this site successful, I will get fired.

      And I laughed my ass off at the Walsh memes. Only funny BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE.

  1. Yes VO, I think Brad Johnson was one of the most intelligent QB’s of his time (continuing the remarks from the last blog). It’s too bad the fudge and Favre are kissing to make up cause he’d be my pick. But it will be worth it to get to see the fudge fans suck their words. In another year they’re gonna all be Favre backers again.

  2. Jacob Lacey broke his thumb and is out indefinitely. So Bobby Felder took a majority of the 2nd team reps in the slot. I’ve been saying it for awhile now, this kid is going to help us out in some way.

    He has the ball skills, hopefully he has the coverage skills

  3. Jacob Lacey broke his thumb and is out indefinitely. So Bobby Felder took a majority of the 2nd team reps in the slot. I’ve been saying it for awhile now, this kid is going to help us out in some way.

    He has the ball skills, hopefully he has the coverage skills

    • I’d be happy to just use them as an excuse to get out of work every now and then.

      “Hey billy! Do something stupid like trying to ride your skateboard on a railing or something this afternoon. Don’t try to make yourself look like a goon though, leave that helmet off!.”

  4. Well, time to hit the sack. Heading out very early tomorrow for Arizona. Can anyone think of a better time than to drive to AZ in a minivan packed with 4 adults and 4 kids? Talk to you all in 10 days, if I’m not stark raving mad.

    Hope you find Roger by then – anyone check with the local houses of ill repute? Perhaps he’s being held against his will.

    • Only 107 here today with 4% humidity, and no I didn’t leave any zeros off the humidity. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I want to see the four seasons I can just go to the Golden Nuggett, I think they’re playing there lol.

  5. What message is that, exaclty? That you’re crazy enough to think that any government official will take your BS seriously?

    Tell ya what, why don’t you report me too? Tell them that I’m planning to assassinate Obama by redirecting lasers off satellites to get him while he’s taking a dump in the Whitehouse.

    (Sorry, I would have thought up something insanely crazy, but it’s hard to top radioactive trampoline beavers).

  6. What the hell???? I was acturally enjoying this site….it is much better than that other one….you know the one with the guy who looks like buggs bunny with no hair!!! Please don’t go off the deep end here people.

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