The Wizards of Winter Park.

Of the many decisions the Vikings brass have made this offseason, three really stand out as wise moves. The C.I.A and shrewd business people everywhere know that signing talent away from your competition is a valuable way to gain an advantage. This is how I view the acquisition of Greg Jennings. Not only was he the packers best receiver when not injured, he is clutch, and always played well against us. Now the bad man can’t hurt us anymore.
The other big headline grabber was the first round of our draft. With us selecting Floyd, Rhodes, and Patterson. Gotta admit it, Spielman has some big cajones. All three of these guys could be impact players immediately, though Patterson may take a bit of time. If your plan is to build a good young team through the draft, three first rounders can’t hurt. Moving on….
Trading Harvin, not signing hurtlacher, and drafting a punter! So these I group together as personell choices that speak to Frasier and Spielmans vision of what they think makes a great football team. No drama, no hurt old dudes, and we will flip the field on you at any time. I may be in the minority, but I thought drafting Locke in the fifth round was brilliant. Best set of kickers in the NFL anyone? So with that, what do YOU think?

He is signaling "field goal" with his tiny hands!

He is signaling “field goal” with his tiny hands!

104 comments on “The Wizards of Winter Park.

  1. I love all of our offseason moves including the punter. Except the Winfield move, how good would it have been with Rhodes-Cook outside Winfield inside? Ever since that stadium was approved everything has gone right for the vikes.

  2. Vikes currently 50 to 1 to win the Bowl. Cheesers are 12 to 1. SF is 6/1. Jags n Raiders 200/1.
    Just read some stuff on how we will be third in our division. And how we will be around the twentieth best team. Very happy the haters are still hating. It’s good luck, and let them underestimate us! Remember last year?? We are in for a great season!

    What does Chinese food and VFB have in common? Anyone……

  3. Ahh.., I had to go on my big boy computer to see DOTW, I see the humor. You know BB7 is monitoring this site still and can’t do a damn thing about it.
    I also want to mention that picture of Patterson is awesome, looks to be doing 100mph

  4. I don’t really care Titus, I quit visiting the other site because of all the BS drama. I started on this site because nobody insulted anyone else and it’s lighthearted and fun. Since the last wave defected to here it’s starting to resemble the “other” site. This has been a great place to develop friendships without anyone attacking each other. I for one don’t blog to argue or insult and I don’t expect to be treated that way either. My feelings aren’t hurt, just don’t need Jr. High crap. Everybody got along fine two weeks ago and nobody had to defend anybody. Thanks IaVike, and Vegas is off his soap box now.

  5. I’m going to finally start putting my English degree to work by editing out any blatantly hostile or impersonating posts. Call me whatever you want, this site isn’t going to be brought down by a select group of juvenile delinquents

  6. Anyway, it’s almost 1 am here. I would really hate to say good-bye to this site, I really enjoy it here. But I’m 56 now, it’s been over 40 years since I hung out with individuals whose sole purpose seems to be to create drama and controversy in order to draw attention to themselves.
    In a forum that is basically a cloak of anonymity, I consider these people pathetic, and tells me just what kind of (lack of) life they have.

  7. This has been blown out of proportion. Just filter out your crazy rants that you obviously don’t say out loud to anyone because your an adult and know better and things will be fine. I’m not chasing bluebird away lets just talk football again god damn it!

    Christian Ponder looks like Clark Kent from Smallville

    • To keep it purple and simple: Effect is more the result while affect is more the action or– there is an e and an a in each of those words to keep it simple. The effect of the heavy rain was poor visibility and it affected my driving. But it is confusing– more so because I have heard the two can be interchangeable, much like insure and ensure. I don’t agree, but I think it is an effect of — hey it’s too hard, let’s make it easy for everyone mentality. The watering down of the masses.

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