Beware, the Blood Eagle

I’m sure you’re all wondering just what a Blood Eagle is.  I know that if I were you, I would be, since I only just learned of it.  I learned of it when I started searching for pictures to inspire a post for this weekend’s game.  And did I learn something interesting!

The Blood Eagle was a tactic of torturous death supposedly used by our Viking forefathers wherein they would cut the ribs of the victim right next to the spine and bust them outwards to form an image of eagle’s wings.  The torture was extended by pulling the lungs out the back and applying salt while the victim suffocated.  Very brutal indeed.

So that brings us to our upcoming game, where I pity the poor soul who dares call himself an Eagle in front of our Vikings defense.  These Eagles were flying high and mighty for the first month of the season.  They obliterated each of their first three opponents, including a 34-3 annihilation of a top-rated Steelers team.  Then their wings were clipped and they quickly came crashing down to earth, with losses to the Lions and Redskins.

Now the Eagles start the tough portion of their schedule, as they face the most difficult opposition of any team in the NFL.  Their remaining opponents have a combined win percentage of 65.76%, and the first on that schedule is your beloved Minnesota Vikings.

Sure, as the comparison image below shows, their rookie QB has been doing pretty well.  But the NFL has started to learn his tendencies, and weaker defenses have been able to exploit them.  Now the undefeated Vikings defense is coming in fresh off a bye, and ready to extend their season of dominance over every foe they face.  First up: Carson Wentz and his soon to be Blood Eagled brethren.

Bye Week Five O.

zombomeme26092016013119-26092016013119So it’s a slow news week for our beloved Vikings,  but things are looking pretty good with the Purple Pillagers sitting at five and none.

In other news, a series of large storms is approaching the west coast, Kluwe called Trump a ham hock, and my dog figured out how to open my gun safe.


Week 5: Vikings vs Texans

The 4-0 Vikings will be taking on the 3-1 Texans, in a battle of dominant defenses. With Diggs out who will step up? Can our CBs handle the duo of Hopkins and Fuller? Can our dinged OLine handle Clowney and Mercilus? As long as the offense plays smart, mistake free football we will have a chance to march into the by week 5-0.

Vikings vs Giants

Will the Vikings dominate defense be able to handle Eli and his incredible talented trio of WRs (OBJ, Cruz, and Shepherd)? Will the 200 million that the Giants invested in their defense prove to much for Bradford and his favorite targets (Digg and KRudy)? Can a dinged Giants OLine hold off the explosively dominate Vikings defense?


Who’s it Gonna Be?

The Vikings face off against their long-time rivals from across the border Sunday night.  All eyes and ears are straining to find out who will be under center.  Veteran Shaun Hill protected the ball, made some nice throws, and contributed to a win in game 1 against the Titans.  He also, however, badly overthrew a wide-open Diggs streaking toward the endzone, and badly missed Johnson on a post.  His limited ability to stretch the field allowed the Titans’ defense to stack the box and stifle (an albeit rusty) Adrian Peterson.  The Packers will provide much stiffer competition than the Titans did, and the Vikings defense can’t be counted on for 2 TDs every week.

Newly acquired Sam Bradford has been taking every waking opportunity to digest the Vikings’ playbook…….even to the point of waking up QB coach Scott Turner in the middle of the night to ask questions.  Bradford has had 2 weeks to become familiar with the offense – could it be sufficient to surplant Hill at the most important position on the field?

It was leaked through Twitter that Bradford took ALL the first team reps during Thursday’s practice, giving valid weight to the speculation that he will debut against the Packers.  At this point, a more accurate and stronger arm may be able to offset inexperience with the playbook, and tip things in Bradford’s favor.  The big worry, of course, is a repeat of the MNF fiasco that was Josh Freeman, who was rushed into the lineup LOOOOONG before he should have been.

Could we be headed for embarrassment, or vindication?  Worst-case scenario, start Bradford and if things go sour, Hill is more than willing to step back on the field.

By northwoodsv2

Preseason Game 4 Vikings vs. Rams

Tonight at 7 CT the Vikings will be taking on the LA Rams. They are more than likely going to be starting the game with Jared Goff at QB, who has been anything but consistent this preseason. Will the Vikings backup defense have a feeding frenzy on the young QB or will he show some improvement? The Vikings will be taking a long look at QBs Joel Stave and Brad Sorensen to see who will be backing up Shaun Hill, while Taylor Heinicke recovers from his moronic injury (kicking in a glass door while drunk) that will likely keep him out for about 3 more weeks. There are also some interesting position battles that will be decided tonight.

Safeties: With Exum’s move to IR the remaining back up safeties are Jayron Kearse, Michael Griffin, and Anthony Harris. While Kearse has played well as he has come away with a couple picks, it will take a strong outing for him to overtake Griffin as Sendejo’s primary backup.

Linebackers: The Vikings are absolutely stacked at LB with the likes of Edmond Robinson, Emmanuel Lamur, and Brandon Watts battling out to back up Barr and Greenway. It would seem as though Lamur has the edge to be Greenway’s backup as he has more experience, is solid in pass coverage, but is in need of growth in the run game. Robinson will likely be backing up Barr and Watts will continue to be a special team specialist. Audie Cole and Kentrell Brothers will be facing off to see who will be Kendricks backup, with Cole likely being the winner and Brothers finding a spot on the PS.

DE: The Vikings have an embarrassment of riches along the DLine with the likes of Hunter and Trattou backing up Griffen and Robison and the developing talent of Stephen Weatherly. The question is can Weatherly overtake Trattou or is he destined for the PS?

HB: Will Matt Asiata continue to be the 3rd running back or can the youngster Ham beat him out?

WR: With Diggs, Treadwell, and Johnson at the top of the depth chart the Vikings have an intense battle going on between Patty and Theilen with Wright bringing up the rear. Wright likely will lose out to Patty as “Flash” is a stud kick returner. Böhringer is a major question as he hasn’t really done anything, although that is to be expected for a guy who has never played even close to the level of competition he is facing. He likely will be at the top of the PS list, hopefully no one steals him before he has a chance to develop.

There are other interesting battles at backup TE and OLine, with Clemmings earning extra reps with Kalil being dinged up. There is some bad blood between the Vikings and the Rams after S Joyner took a shot at Teddy’s head.


Also very important the VFB FF league draft is set for Friday, Sep 2, 2016 at 5:00pm CDT

Preseason game 2: Vikings @ Seachicks

Today at 9pm CT the Vikings will be taking on Seattle. The team they should have beat in the playoffs, if not for a broken play going Wilson’s way and a botched FG. Anyways, the Vikings starting offense will be looking to show continued improvement from last week’s 2nd drive.
Can Bridgewater continue to show that he has enough arm when needed? Will the starting OLine, mainly Kalil, keep Teddy safe? Are the Vikings WRs going to play big in the preseason, only to peter out when the regular season begins (Charlie Johnson)?
As for the defense will they continue to do what they did last year and play shitty against the run? Will Mack and Waynes continue to show development?

Do you guys want the Vikings to dump Jarius Wright, if so why? He is very consistent and doesn’t really cost that much.
Is everyone still interested in the VFB fantasy football league? When is a good time for the  draft?

By roger

Help the Fans Name the Stadium!

Hello faithful VFB members.  It has been quite a while since a new blog was created, so hopefully some of you are still visiting from time to time to see if anything new is happening.

In this painfully long offseason, something finally has happened.  Thanks to the recommendation of an unnamed blogger *cough**cough* over at the Daily Norseman, they are starting a movement to get a Fan Name for the Vikings’ new stadium.  This is a great movement, because who wants to talk about US Bank every time they head to a Vikings game?  Over the past few decades, we at least had the Metrodome, (or Metrodump as it later became known) even after that mall bought the naming rights late in its life.  It wasn’t the greatest of names, but at least it wasn’t an unwarranted endorsement to a business that we may or may not want to support.

This movement is being submitted in a 3-part process.  First, (as in right now) they are asking fans to submit ideas of names that they would like to be used.  Then they will have a poll where fans can select the name among the ones submitted that they like best.  Finally, the great reveal, where we will learn the name that we THE FANS selected for our stadium!  So please, head on over to Daily Norseman and help get us a stadium name that we can be proud of!

Hang on to Your Memorabilia!

Day 1 of the draft has ended, and the Vikings have found a new weapon for Teddy Bridgewater.  It wasn’t the odds-on favorite Josh Doctson that the vast majority were predicting.  Instead, it was the receiver that they were all expecting to be picked first!  That’s right, Laquon “YaaYaa” Treadwell is now a Viking, and Treadwater is about to become a thing!

What’s even sweeter about this pick is that it finally justified my refusal to let go of any of my old Vikings memorabilia.  It was announced earlier today that he has chosen the number that he will wear in purple.  In college, he wore #1, but that’s not allowed for receivers in the Pros.  They are limited to numbers between 10-19, and 80-89.  So Treadwell doubled-down and chose #11.  Great news for any of us holding on to an old Culpepper Jersey, as it can now be re-purposed with Treadwell’s name and brought out of the closet for the first time since 2005.


Okay…so it’s not exactly a great way to honor the man who is about to help us win our first Super Bowl, but at least it gives me a way to say that I got his jersey nice and early!  Now, on to day 2 of the draft!