4th Quarter Begins-Vikings vs Jags


After a strong start-and the only undefeated team left after five weeks, the Vikings have since them commenced to lose six out of their last seven games and now stand at a meager 6-6 looking up at the Lions and sideways at the Packers.

We all know the story of how the Vikings arrived at this position as unimaginable as it sounds, it is the Vikings after all…we’ve come accustomed to the improbable,  haven’t we.

A few weeks ago I wrote in a post that the last two games  (Lions and Cowboys) would define our season-well it most certainly has. Instead of controlling our own destiny to make the playoffs, we now not only need to win out the last four games, we will need some other teams to falter down the stretch.

I don’t blame Speilman, I don’t blame Zimmer, I don’t blame Bradford, I blame fate-as only the Vikings can produce-the kind that you never saw coming, but expected the whole time.

So, fellow bloggers, lets sit back, relax and enjoy the last quarter of the season, as only a Viking fan can, after all, we always have hope-don’t we?



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Cowboys vs Vikings All Hands on Deck

If there was ever a time for the Vikings to pull out all the stops-this is the game. The Vikings have one last chance to right the ship with a win against the Cowboys on Thursday night.

It’s time for the offense to step up and put some points on the board-stretch the field vertically (not horizontally) and force Dallas out of rhythm…they are too comfortable in what they are doing-a team needs to knock them off their game and on their ass. The Vikings are just that team.

Stopping the run will be essential for the Vikings, but ultimately, the offense will dictate the outcome of this game. Sam Bradford needs to take control of the team right now and do whatever it takes to move the chains. This is it fellow bloggers-this is the game that will either break us or get us heading on a post season surge.

So get your drinks lined up, it gonna be a wild night-“It’s all hands on deck!”



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Turkey Hunting-Detroit Style

The next two games for our Minnesota Vikings will more than likely define the season…back to back Thursday games-at Detroit and home against Dallas.

So, here we are getting ready to watch a rare Viking Thanksgiving game as they battle the division rivals-and first place Lions. Since the Lions won in Minny a few weeks ago, the Vikes are looking to return the favor.

This is our time-not Detroit’s…we need to take first place back-and it starts on Thanksgiving Day. So shout out a big SKOL, and watch our Vikings go Turkey Hunting-Detroit Style.


Left to Right: Hunter, Rhodes, Smith, Griffen

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It seems that Zimmer has had enough and has decided to tighten the reigns on the entire staff. During his weekly press conference, he announced to the media that the team was going to do things his way…just like the Elvis song-lets hope that the Vikings get back to their winning ways this Sunday at home against the Cardinals-who are also having their issues.

If Sam Bradford has time in the pocket-and that’s a big if-the Vikings will be fine…we are still a great team, we just need to find our rhythm again. Our Defense also needs to buckle up-especially our D-line, which is supposed to be one of the better lines in the league. The Vikes need to apply pressure to Palmer from the get-go.

The Vikings will get back on track with a solid win…with a couple of field goals and PAT’s to “boot.”

Vikings 27-Cardinals 13     “I did it my way…thank you very much!”


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Week 10: Vikings @Redskins

The Vikings march into the nation’s capital to take on the Redskins as they try to overcome a 3 game losing skid, which has only magnified by the way the lost last week. The Redskins may be an easily overlooked opponent seeing as they have struggle abit this season, but they still yet have a solid defense and Cousins is a good QB as long as their run game (HB Rob Kelley) has atleast a slight bit of success. Can Diggs and the short passing game burn Norman and the Skin’s dinged secondary? For the Vikings the game will likely be dependent on the Oline limiting Kerrigan’s access to Bradford.

Can the Vikings breakout of their skid and mount a playoff run?

Vikings Inactives: WR LaQuan Treadwell, CB Captain Munnerlyn, CB Marcus Sherels, QB Taylor Heinicke, OG Willie Beavers, OG Zac Kerin, DT Sharrif Floyd.

Redskins Inactives: T Blaine Clausell, DT Jordan Hill, DT Matthew Ioannidis, WR DeSean Jackson, HB Matt Jones, OG Arie Koundjio, QB Nate Sudfeld

TurNeR ShUrMur

As if the Vikings didn’t have enough to worry about regarding their dreaded offense-they were blindsided with the sudden resignation of Norv Turner. Enter, Pat Shurmur-Tight Ends coach by day, interim O.C. by night. Shurmur has worked with Sam Bradford in two previous stints with the Rams and Eagles as has had various degrees of success. Bradford had a very good second half of the season last year and Shurmur was a key figure in getting him up to speed in the first four games of his beginning tenure with Minnesota.

Somewhere along the line-after the bye, Norv took back the offensive reigns, and the offense-along with Sam Bradford became non-existent, the offensive line-downright ugly…it was as if we went back in time with no offensive direction, just a bunch of guys counting “one Mississippi, two Mississippi whoa,  hold on, I wasn’t ready for the oncoming Rush!”

Our Vikings are thankfully back home playing against NFC North rivals the Detroit Lions. Let’s hope the offensive line isn’t as offensive as it was last week against Chicago. I have a feeling we will get back on track with our winning ways. All three phases will be clicking as the Vikings tame the Lions 30-13.




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Beware, the Blood Eagle

I’m sure you’re all wondering just what a Blood Eagle is.  I know that if I were you, I would be, since I only just learned of it.  I learned of it when I started searching for pictures to inspire a post for this weekend’s game.  And did I learn something interesting!

The Blood Eagle was a tactic of torturous death supposedly used by our Viking forefathers wherein they would cut the ribs of the victim right next to the spine and bust them outwards to form an image of eagle’s wings.  The torture was extended by pulling the lungs out the back and applying salt while the victim suffocated.  Very brutal indeed.

So that brings us to our upcoming game, where I pity the poor soul who dares call himself an Eagle in front of our Vikings defense.  These Eagles were flying high and mighty for the first month of the season.  They obliterated each of their first three opponents, including a 34-3 annihilation of a top-rated Steelers team.  Then their wings were clipped and they quickly came crashing down to earth, with losses to the Lions and Redskins.

Now the Eagles start the tough portion of their schedule, as they face the most difficult opposition of any team in the NFL.  Their remaining opponents have a combined win percentage of 65.76%, and the first on that schedule is your beloved Minnesota Vikings.

Sure, as the comparison image below shows, their rookie QB has been doing pretty well.  But the NFL has started to learn his tendencies, and weaker defenses have been able to exploit them.  Now the undefeated Vikings defense is coming in fresh off a bye, and ready to extend their season of dominance over every foe they face.  First up: Carson Wentz and his soon to be Blood Eagled brethren.

Bye Week Five O.

zombomeme26092016013119-26092016013119So it’s a slow news week for our beloved Vikings,  but things are looking pretty good with the Purple Pillagers sitting at five and none.

In other news, a series of large storms is approaching the west coast, Kluwe called Trump a ham hock, and my dog figured out how to open my gun safe.


Week 5: Vikings vs Texans

The 4-0 Vikings will be taking on the 3-1 Texans, in a battle of dominant defenses. With Diggs out who will step up? Can our CBs handle the duo of Hopkins and Fuller? Can our dinged OLine handle Clowney and Mercilus? As long as the offense plays smart, mistake free football we will have a chance to march into the by week 5-0.