Making the Right Call

At number 11 there will be many option available for the Vikings, but what one is the correct call? Should they add a weapon for Teddy like DeVante Parker? Maybe we should get him some additional protection like Brandon Scherff. What about helping out the defense by adding either Trae Waynes or Benardrick McKinney? Or should we say screw it and trade back to gain more ammo? No matter what even after everything blows over the answer will not be known till whoever they pick gets on the field, but here’s hoping it’s the right call.

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Team Needs As the Draft Approaches

With the Adrian Peterson situation looking as unsettled as ever, it’s going to be difficult to accurately determine where our team needs the most help. However, as draft day continues to inch closer, those of us who live for football can’t help but speculate on who the team will target throughout the draft. Those decisions will depend in no small part, on positions where the team is weak and wants to improve.

The old mantra of drafting the best player available should still be used in this draft to some degree. But if the BPA is for a position that team clearly already has an overloaded abundance of talent, they would be better served to try to fill other vacancies on the roster instead. So I’m going to break down the roster and attempt to determine what positions should get the highest priority in the draft, once the team decides to start using team need to determine what player they should draft.

Offensive Line: Having 4 out of 5 starters returning to this group is encouraging, even moreso when the ones who were injured appear to be healthier than ever, and the high draft pick who has been under-performing is receiving high praise from the head coach. But there’s still a large hole at left guard. The starter, who arguably was the group’s largest weakness over the past few years was cut, and the team has made no moves to replace him. 2014 draft pick David Yankey may be ready to take over. He was projected to be drafted much higher than the 5th round where the Vikings were able to nab him, but even with the litany of injuries to the starters, he never took the field. Still, right guard Brandon Fusco didn’t play in his rookie season, but has been a reliable starter since. Unless Yankey is cleared as a definitive starter though, Left Guard should be among the top priorities for the team once the draft rolls around.

Receivers: This group includes WRs and TEs whose primary responsibilities are in the passing game. That includes Kyle Rudolph, Chase Ford, Jarius Wright, Cordarrelle Patterson, Charles Johnson, Adam Theilen, and newly acquired veteran Mike Wallace. Wallace comes over from Miami with a Diva reputation, but also with some big play potential to back it up. The loss of Jennings may be minimized by the performance of Jarius Wright who has been underutilized by the team so far, compared to his abilities. The team is only slightly lacking in support for Wallace from a gunner on the other side of the field, but Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner has expressed a lot of support for Johnson, and the team still has high hopes that Patterson can still learn to fill that role. This appears to be a small need for the team, and they should only address it if a great player slips much farther in the draft than he should, regardless of how tempting it may be to reunite Teddy with his former College or High School targets.

Running Backs: To keep things a little shorter, this group also includes TEs who are utilized more in the blocking scheme, and may transition to FB from time to time. They include Adrian Peterson, Jerrick McKinnon, Matt Asiata, Joe Banyard, Zach Line and Rhett Ellison. This group is the big wild card. If Adrian Peterson plays for the team this year, and plays to his potential, then they are set to amaze us all in 2015. If, on the other hand, Adrian continues his tantrum into the season, they’re in need of some help. Unless things change in a hurry, the team may be better off trading Peterson for a high draft pick, and using that on one of the many promising rookies entering the draft this year. But that’s one big ‘if’ that can only be answered by Spielman at this point in time.

Quarterbacks: Teddy Bridgewater is joined by new free agent acquisition Shaun Hill, (who spent his first 4-years with the Vikings, but only played in one game), and all-around nobody Pat Devlin. The team would be wise to add one more depth player very late in the draft, but shouldn’t be worried at all about the position so long as they can keep Teddy healthy.

Defensive Tackles: The team has two good starters in Linval Joseph and Sharrif Floyd, who are supported by possibly the best backup DT in the league, Tom Johnson. Shamar Stephen also saw time, rotating in during his rookie year and got some good experience. This is another position in which the team shouldn’t pull the trigger unless a DT is far and away the BPA when one of their picks comes around in the draft.

Defensive Ends: Two more starters return to this group in Everson Griffen and Brian Robison. Although he’s under-performed a bit, Robison has still been a respectable starter ever since he stepped into the role, but his play has diminished recently with age. Add to that his relatively high annual salary, and it’s starting to look like a good time to start searching for his replacement. Scott Chrichton was drafted in the third round last year to potentially take on that role, but didn’t see the field at all in his rookie season, leaving his ability in question. With both starters returning, this still isn’t a huge need, but the team would be wise to start looking for someone in the early-mid rounds to develop and start pushing Robison out the door.

Linebackers: Anthony Barr, Chad Greenway, Audie Cole, Gerold Hodges and Michael Mauti all return to the team this year, along with rookie Brandon Watts who has yet to play in a game. Casey Matthews was added as a free agent, but hasn’t impressed many in his career so far in the NFL. The starting middle line backer was allowed to walk in free agency, leaving many people to speculate that the team should target his replacement early in the draft. However, with Greenway’s effectiveness on the outside starting to dwindle, I have been arguing that the team would be better suited to move him to the middle for the final couple years of his career while the team works on developing Cole and Hodges on the outside. This will help to minimize any losses if the team can’t find a starter in the draft, but will still allow them flexibility to draft one of the many higher quality OLBs in the early rounds of the draft once a better player slips through the cracks.

Cornerbacks: The team boasts one of the NFL’s best and most underrated corners in Xavier Rhodes, and they have just added a respected starter who seems to follow Zimmer around the NFL like a faithful puppy. While older, Terrance Newman provides the team with a man that the coaching staff trusts to man the outside and help the young players along for a year while the coaches develop his eventual replacement. This also allows Munnerlyn to settle into his natural position in the slot, and keeps the less-than-stellar Robinson on the sideline unless an emergency arises. This also gives youngsters Shaun Prater and Jabari price a little more leeway to develop their skills. While the position appears to be reliably covered for this season, the team should have no qualms in drafting a stud early on if they see a guy who has the potential to shine in Zimmer’s system.

Safeties: Harrison Smith was a pro-bowl snub, and will be preparing a big year to help him solidify a new deal before his rookie contract expires. Assisting him will be Robert Blanton, who probably unjustly has been the recipient of heavy criticism from fans. Backing them up are 2014 rookies Ahmad Dixon and Antone Exum Jr., along with Andrew Sendejo and FA acquisition Taylor Mays. This group is pretty deep with young potential, but it’s also a lot of unproven potential. The first two rounds of the draft would definitely be better suited to address different positions, but BPA can easily come into play for Safety after that.

Special Teams: Blair Walsh and Jeff Locke probably aren’t going anywhere any time soon, but long snapper Cullen Loeffler is starting to show his age. The team should definitely try to target an offensive lineman who can specialize in the long snapping duties in the later rounds of the draft so that they don’t have to keep the withering Loeffler around much longer. As a kick returner, Patterson had disappeared a lot in his second year, but hopes are that he will return to form soon. Punt returner Marcus Sherels still remains one of the better at the job in the NFL, so competition for him shouldn’t be much of a factor in the deciding process for the draft.

Taking Stock

The first week of Free Agency is over and while a lot of other teams grabbed a ton of players, the Vikings seemingly missed out on their preferred targets. This does not mean the Vikings have not been motivated, but quite the opposite. While other teams have basically been acting like a virgin on his first trip a strip joint, the Vikings have taken their time so as not to blow their load. This has helped them be in contention for DE George Selvie; a DE who specializes in run defense, but with pass rush upside. As well as re-signing a few of their backups (Asiata and Johnson). They were also able to swing a trade for speedster WR Mike Wallace, who is a bit pricey, but is hopefully an upgrade over Jennings. There are still a few holes the Vikings could address, like WR (yes, even with Wallace WR is still a need), LG, CB, and LB, but there is always the draft. Which would help the Vikings prevent an over the cap situation when they re-sign the Hitman, Wright, and possibly Kalil (if he gets back to form).

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Impending FA

This coming Tuesday Free Agency begins and many teams will piss all over themselves in an attempt to impress the likes of Suh, Cobb, and others, but the good teams know you can not buy winning teams you must build them. That is not to say the Vikings should avoid going after FAs, but they should do so in moderation after careful planning otherwise we may end up with another expensive lower level of production guy like Jennings (yes I know he may be worth it as a mentor). Which teams will over spend? Which will miss out on quality guys? Can the Vikings find a few good role players that can’t help the team immediately? Is buying an OLine the best way to secure Teddy some help? Or should a WR be picked up? Will every thing change if Peterson is traded early on in FA, leading to the Vikings targeting Murray or Ingram. This questions and many more will be answered come Tuesday evening, so be sure to check regularly for updates.


Who would have thought that Adrain Peterson could be considered a distraction? After the Vikings stood by him during the whole beating his child with a switch otherwise known as a stick, Peterson has decided to question their loyalty. I guess paying him all year for sitting at home because of his own actions was not loyal. Now his agent is saying AD will never play another down as a Viking add that to AD’s conversation with Jerry Jones and it truly seems like Peterson doesn’t want to be around here. So how will this all play out? Will the Vikings force him to suit up? Or will AD basically go into retirement? Or can the Vikings find a way to get something of value for him?

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Draft Debate

The Vikings should have many options at the 11th overall pick in this years draft, but what one is the correct choice? Is adding a high powered weapon (Parker/White) for Teddy the way to go? Maybe they should the Vikings improve Teddy’s protection. Or could they surprise everyone and select a CB to play opposite of Rhodes (LSU Jalen Collins (could play S))? So what are all your thoughts on this? Do you all have someone you like? Or a strategy to overhaul the team in all phase of the game? What part will FA play in all this speculation?

Super Bowl XLIX

This game should be very good, but let’s hope that the whining about soft balls doesn’t take away from the action on the field. Can the Seahawks’ defense crush Brady and Gronk? Will Wilson scramble out of terrible situations and find his guys or will he be turned into a hideous growth on the field? Will Brady overcome the doubters and accusers and make one last glorious mark in the history books or will he falter once again? The time for speculation is over and soon a champion will be crowned. The whining about did the Patriots cheat no longer matters as the game starts 0-0. It is time!

Pre-Super Bowl…

Soon the Super Bowl will be upon us and a victor will be crowned. Will it be some SeaChickens or the “Rule Deflating” Patriots? While the result will not affect us Vikings fans, it should atleast be an entertaining game. So with that out of the way who do you guys got as the victor?

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Packers Choke!

Aaron Rodgers may be considered one of the best QBs in the league, but he is not foreign to the concept of choking, as is evident in this MNF clip against the Seahawks.

He took that slip pretty seriously, and started some hard workouts during the season, and then went about advertising his efforts in every commercial break on every channel that plays NFL games.

The work wasn’t enough though, as Rodgers returned to Seattle only to choke again, over and over and over.

Alright, to be fair, there was choking all across the board, both by his team and by his opponent, who gave up 5 turnovers in the game compared to the two picks that Rodgers threw. If anybody can be blamed for the choking in this game, it’s the head coach of the Packers. A big factor in the outcome of games is the team that wins the turnover battle, and being up by 3 in that category any Super Bowl hopeful team should have no trouble putting the opposition away. But McCarthy made mistake after mistake after mistake. It all started when he cowardly took a field goal with inches-to-go to get into the end zone, and then again when there was maybe a couple extra feet between the ball and the goal line. It continued as he was unable to coach his team into the end zone for any but one drive of the entire game, and his play calling continued to be timid, rarely giving Rodgers (the NFL’s MVP) a chance to throw the ball when they had the lead.

This game looked like the Packers had it won early in the second half, up until the final two drives of regulation for Seattle’s offense, when a QB with a then-QB rating of ZERO shredded McCarthy’s prevent defense and scored a TD. Then the on-sides kick team muffed the ball and tipped it into Seattle’s hands. Seattle then took the lead with another TD, and Russell Wilson tossed a Hail Mary-type 2-point conversion to stretch their lead to 3. With less than 2-minutes to go, McCarthy’s timid style was just enough to get the Packers to score a FG to tie the game and send it into overtime.

McCarthy sent out his choking QB to call the coin toss against Tarvaris Jackson, and lost that call as well.

You gotta know better than to send some scrub in against the BEST Coin-Toss-Player in the league! Then his defensive play-calling failed one last time, as they let a receiver slip down the middle of the field and grab the game-winning TD.

Oh, and watch your language Mike – the ref is right there.

Conference Championships and All-Star Games

This Sunday the Packers take on the Seahawks and the Colts try to unseat the Patriots as the class of the AFC. The battles will be brutal and one possible outcome could destroy Vikings’ fans way of life, so go Sea-chicks. Also this Saturday at 3pm CT the East-West Shrine game will be on the NFL Network. Many draft prospect will be looking to improve their stock enough to be invited to next weeks Senior Bowl, also on NFL Network (next Saturday with practices leading up to it). The prospect I am most looking forward to at the East-West game is LSU RB Terrence Magee, while small 5’9 he is built like a brick shit-house 220 LBs and is very quick. Magee would be a good 4th round pick to pair with McKinnon, if AD goes home.