Training Camp Just Around The Corner

With training camp just around the corner, the 2014 football season is just about to kick into gear. The tradition of holding practices at Mankato State University continues strong, with large venues for the public to come watch, get a glimpse of things to hope for in the upcoming season, and maybe even get an autograph or two.

Players are expected to report to camp on Thursday, and begin work on Friday. This year’s camp will be very important, as the team will be coming together to learn an all new system, offensively and defensively under the new coaching staff. Some players are showing up to hone their skills and improve their craft in an effort to turn things around for this team, others are coming to determine their place on the depth chart, and others still are coming to fight for a chance to be a part of the team. Rookies will be meeting and learning from vets. Old friends will be reunited and new friendships will be made. In the end, it comes down to determining how to get the best possible product on the field for the beginning of the season. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Which QB will start week 1?

Norv Turner has been highly complimentary of all three of the Vikings QBs, yes that includes Ponder (the great white hype/hope).

While it is his job to say such things, if they are true then the Vikings should be in for a great season, but the question becomes who should be the starter week one? Seeing as Turner and Zimmer have been pretty reserved on any such declarations I will let you all decide who you think gives us the best chance.

Over, under, or more of the same?

Out of all of the Vikings offseason additions who do you think will have the most impact? Who do you think was over paid? Will these guys show they truly deserved the contracts they got or will they make Ricky look like a kid who just wasted his allowance on candy? It likely is to early to judge seeing as they haven’t taken a snap as a Viking, but what is the fun in waiting when nothing is going on?

Pressure Rises Against the Washington <InsertTeamNameHere>

That’s right everybody, the US Trademark office has removed Washingon’s protection to their current logo and moniker.  Roger Goodell, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and the NFL still all appear to be rejecting the argument that the name always was and still is a racial slur.  Nevertheless, the decision to change the team’s image appears to be imminent.  Maybe not by the start of the upcoming season, but likely within the next few years.


Oh yeah, and apparantly Trump had something to say about it as well.  So is this an argument being made by both those it is offensive to as well as those who are trying to help give them a voice, or is it something that is being overblown by people who have nothing better to do than find a reason to whine and protest?


Would it be enough to change the logo while keeping the name, in an effort to fool everyone into thinking the name now means something different?  Or maybe just a slight modification to the name and logo, so everyone can still scream the former name in the stands, and nobody would be any the wiser?

Or is this something that’s never going to change, and just going to keep on irritating the people with a conscience, simultaneously allowing them to irritate the rest of the people who are deemed racists for not wanting it to change?


Who will take that final step?

The Vikings have a ton of talented young players but they all have questions, so I ask you who do you think will take the next step into becoming a great player instead of just a talented guy? Will KRudy show everyone he is the best TE in the league? Will Patterson show why he should be called Flash? Can Rhodes shutdown teams no.1 WRs? Is Hitman Smithy gonna finally get the recognition he deserves? Can an aging vet like Greenway recapture his fading glory and make his way back to the elite play we were used to from him? It may not matter if a single player steps up, but if a core group can there is no telling how far the Vikings can go.

By roger

Offseason Schedule

The Vikings OTAs are scheduled from May 28-30, June 3-5, and June 9-12. The mandatory minicamp is scheduled to run from June 17-19. While the start of training has yet to be given to the public it usually starts near the end of July.

It’s starting…

Today is the first day of the Vikings 3 day rookie mini-camp. Soon we will see a glimpse of what the young guys may be able to do in the coming season. Also word out of the camp is that Teddy is going to be taking the first team reps in the OTAs that will soon follow this mini-camp. Does this mean Teddy will be the starter day 1?

Searching for Gold in the Garbage Bin

With Free Safety Lonnie Ballentine clocking in as Mr. Irrelevant, the 2014 draft is over and the negotiations with newly acquired rookies can begin. But there are still hundreds of hopeful rookies that were ignored in the past 3 days. Luckily for them, and for the teams that are smart enough to find the remaining players with NFL quality talent, they still have a chance of keeping their dreams of becoming an NFL Superstar alive. Below is a list of undrafted free agents that I think the team should consider.

Seeing as we only have 4 WRs worthy of a roster spot, we should be talking to some of the more promising players that were ignored in the past 3 days. Brandon Coleman tops my list, as a huge 6-and-a-half foot red zone target.

LBs Christian Jones, Shayne Skov, Adrian Hubbard, and Max Bullough all had 4th round grades or higher, and seeing as we only have 2 players who are certain to be starters, it would be good to get more competition in for the 3rd spot.

CBs Rashaad Reynolds, Marcus Roberson and Loucheiz Purifoy were all highly rated on rube draft boards, and even though we already have a lot of CBs to weed through, it wouldn’t hurt to keep on adding competition for a group that panned out as the worst in the league at the end of the season.

Safety Craig Loston could also come in to add more competition for the DBs.

OL – Antonio Richardson was a 2nd round prospect, and could help to show Charlie Johnson the door under proper coaching. His weaknesses appear similar to Johnson’s, but as a rookie are much more likely to be diminished with proper coaching.

DL – Deandre Coleman and Anthony Johnson are two massive bodies that could help out in the rotation if Zimmer thinks that Fred Evans may be getting a bit too old to be a rotational backup.

QB – Brett Smith and Connor Shaw stand out as potential rookies who can come in as the #3 QB to help Zimmer hand Ponder his walking papers.

Who did I leave out? What players do you think would be a good fit to fill out the Vikings’ roster?

Day 3

Today is the third and final day of the draft (please don’t expand it). Usually teams have filled a majority of their needs by now and are just looking for back ups and special teamers but there is always a chance that one of these overlooked guys will turn out to be a stud and will make others regret passing them over. Can the Vikings find a starting LG? Will they be able to add a CB and S to compete and beat out the lack luster likes of Sanford, Robinson, and others. For those who do not know Zimmer enjoys taking defensive backs late in the draft and we all know Spiels loves taking OLinemen late, hopefully they can find a steal or 2 and make the team better as a whole.