In the Cardz

Tomorrow the Vikings play against the Arizona Cardinals, a team that has one of the better defense in the league. It was stated earlier this week by Zimmer that Cassel could play the first half, which isn’t likely but defiantly means Cassel will be having more than 10 snaps like he had last week. It would also be a good idea to have Bridgewater face such a defense top players to help him get acclimated to what a truly threatening defense can do to you. This game doesn’t count, but it may possibly show a glimpse of what this team can do going forward.

Vikings vs Raiders

It’s game day fellow uglies. The months waiting for this next football season to start have dragged on and on endlessly, but the wait is finally over. Okay, so it’s just preseason, but that’s still way better than no football at all. So now we just have a few more hours to wait to see our team in action for the first time under the new regime, on a new field, and with a bevy of new players.

Tonight’s game will feature two of the highly touted QBs of the last draft likely for a large portion of the event while both teams try to determine how ready their rookie is for the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater, projected to be the #1 player selected for most of the time leading up to the draft snuck past team after team until landing on the Vikings roster with pick #32, and so far he has appeared to live up to his #1 billing. Meanwhile, the Raiders drafted Derek Carr in the 2nd round, younger brother of David Carr, the #1 draft pick back in 2002. Derek has some great physical abilities but early reports indicate that he’s not ready to take over as the starter in Oakland just yet, and may not get the job at all this year. Both teams have veteran QBs who have had their share of good and bad years under center as well, so neither team has a need to rush the early draft pick onto the field unless the vets start showing that another bad year is on the way.

Outside of QB, there are still many things to be looking for in this game. Rookie LB Anthony Barr was selected much higher than Teddy, but has gotten much less attention from the media. Will he be a quick enough study to earn a starting job for the beginning of the regular season? With Adrian Peterson sitting out, we’ll have a great look at Matt Asiata and 3rd round pick Jerick McKinnon and see how they’ll be used to replace Toby Gerhart. The team also has 3 new starters on the D-line, one other new starter on the LB corps, and a handful of new faces at DB so there’s going to be a lot of new stuff going on and it will be interesting to see how different this team looks with all the new faces and a new scheme both on offense and defense.

I AM Ready for some football!

Only 10 days left… to first pre-season game!!!

After a long off-season and extended wait to the draft, through the beginning stages of mini-camp and now to full blown training camp, the countdown toward the season is in full gear.

Yes, in 10 days we will see the first product of the all-new Minnesota Vikings! We the fans are now officially in football mode for the next six months, hanging on to every bit of information that we can consume.

We all await the biggest question to be answered before the kickoff to the new season…which QB will be our starter. Trust in Zimmer to use good judgment, but for me as well as many of us here on VFB wait for the day when Teddy B. is the uncontested #1 guy!

This will come…Teddy “gets it” and he will be the difference maker we have sought at the QB position for a long time.

So here is to the official countdown to the Vikings’ 2014-2015 season. May our Vikings bring back the magic of yesteryear with a renewed energy that will launch them into present success and future domination.

Good Luck Zimmer and SKOL Vikings!

Mike Zimmer

By vikingology

Training Camp Just Around The Corner

With training camp just around the corner, the 2014 football season is just about to kick into gear. The tradition of holding practices at Mankato State University continues strong, with large venues for the public to come watch, get a glimpse of things to hope for in the upcoming season, and maybe even get an autograph or two.

Players are expected to report to camp on Thursday, and begin work on Friday. This year’s camp will be very important, as the team will be coming together to learn an all new system, offensively and defensively under the new coaching staff. Some players are showing up to hone their skills and improve their craft in an effort to turn things around for this team, others are coming to determine their place on the depth chart, and others still are coming to fight for a chance to be a part of the team. Rookies will be meeting and learning from vets. Old friends will be reunited and new friendships will be made. In the end, it comes down to determining how to get the best possible product on the field for the beginning of the season. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Which QB will start week 1?

Norv Turner has been highly complimentary of all three of the Vikings QBs, yes that includes Ponder (the great white hype/hope).

While it is his job to say such things, if they are true then the Vikings should be in for a great season, but the question becomes who should be the starter week one? Seeing as Turner and Zimmer have been pretty reserved on any such declarations I will let you all decide who you think gives us the best chance.

Over, under, or more of the same?

Out of all of the Vikings offseason additions who do you think will have the most impact? Who do you think was over paid? Will these guys show they truly deserved the contracts they got or will they make Ricky look like a kid who just wasted his allowance on candy? It likely is to early to judge seeing as they haven’t taken a snap as a Viking, but what is the fun in waiting when nothing is going on?

Pressure Rises Against the Washington <InsertTeamNameHere>

That’s right everybody, the US Trademark office has removed Washingon’s protection to their current logo and moniker.  Roger Goodell, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and the NFL still all appear to be rejecting the argument that the name always was and still is a racial slur.  Nevertheless, the decision to change the team’s image appears to be imminent.  Maybe not by the start of the upcoming season, but likely within the next few years.


Oh yeah, and apparantly Trump had something to say about it as well.  So is this an argument being made by both those it is offensive to as well as those who are trying to help give them a voice, or is it something that is being overblown by people who have nothing better to do than find a reason to whine and protest?


Would it be enough to change the logo while keeping the name, in an effort to fool everyone into thinking the name now means something different?  Or maybe just a slight modification to the name and logo, so everyone can still scream the former name in the stands, and nobody would be any the wiser?

Or is this something that’s never going to change, and just going to keep on irritating the people with a conscience, simultaneously allowing them to irritate the rest of the people who are deemed racists for not wanting it to change?


Who will take that final step?

The Vikings have a ton of talented young players but they all have questions, so I ask you who do you think will take the next step into becoming a great player instead of just a talented guy? Will KRudy show everyone he is the best TE in the league? Will Patterson show why he should be called Flash? Can Rhodes shutdown teams no.1 WRs? Is Hitman Smithy gonna finally get the recognition he deserves? Can an aging vet like Greenway recapture his fading glory and make his way back to the elite play we were used to from him? It may not matter if a single player steps up, but if a core group can there is no telling how far the Vikings can go.

By roger

Offseason Schedule

The Vikings OTAs are scheduled from May 28-30, June 3-5, and June 9-12. The mandatory minicamp is scheduled to run from June 17-19. While the start of training has yet to be given to the public it usually starts near the end of July.