NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Okay, so it’s been another couple of weeks since the last power rankings.  I have no excuse for it this time, I just got lazy.

This latest ranking board will show the difference from the last post a few weeks ago to the end of week 7.  Since then, the Vikings have been performing very poorly the last few weeks, and as such they have been sliding down the rankings.  While the defense has made a significant improvement since last year, (ranking 13th best in the NFL on my board) the offense has made as big of a slide in the other direction, ranking 31st.  The improvements of the defense haven’t been nearly enough to offset the collapse of the offense, and the team ends up settling in at #26 this week, also at the bottom of the division.  Luckily, the next 5 games are against some very beatable opponents, which should give us a chance to move back up the board a bit.

While the Falcons are the biggest losers of the past few weeks, sliding down from #2 all the way to #24, the Packers (unfortunately) have been the biggest winners in the same timespan, moving up to #6 from #28. The Buccs have solidified themselves as the worst team in the league after the Jaguars improved slightly to step ahead of some other cellar dwellers.  Meanwhile, the Broncos have taken a seat atop the league, followed closely by the Ravens, Colts and Chargers before any teams from the NFC start to make some noise.

Here are this week’s rankings:

  1. BRONCOS +7
  2. COLTS +10
  3. RAVENS +1
  4. CHARGERS -1
  5. EAGLES +2
  6. PACKERS +22 (I know, it’s sickening)
  7. COWBOYS +14
  8. CHIEFS +16
  9. SEAHAWKS -3
  10. LIONS +4
  11. CARDINALS -6
  12. PATRIOTS +4
  13. DOLPHINS +14
  14. BILLS -4
  15. 49ERS +3
  16. BENGALS -15
  17. TEXANS -2
  18. BROWNS +1
  19. GIANTS +4
  20. STEELERS -3
  21. SAINTS -8
  22. BEARS -11
  23. PANTHERS -3
  24. FALCONS -22 (This slide began about the same time the Vikings beat them)
  25. REDSKINS -14
  26. VIKINGS -4
  27. TITANS -1
  28. JETS -3
  29. JAGUARS +4
  30. RAMS ~
  31. RAIDERS -2

What in the world is going on?


My wife is pissed at me.  She DVR’d “The Biggest Loser” and tried to watch it last night – ended up being the Vikings’ game.

What happened to pre-season Teddy?  And Atlanta Teddy?  Remember him?  The one who could nail slants, hit runners in stride, and complete a pass more than 10 yards downfield?  How do you go from a 300+ yard game to “trying to simplify things for the Rookie?”

Our Defense has been stepping up this year.  They’re 14th overall in points allowed, and considering the teams we’ve faced, that’s saying something.

Offense?  Offensive.  Subtract the Rams and the Falcons games, and we’ve averaged 9 points per game.  We’ve had so many injuries to the front line that we can now say Charlie Johnson, aka “The Human Turnstile,” is one of our better players, and THAT sucks.  Whatever affliction Ponder has must be contagious.  Teddy has been regressing this season, due in a large part to being planted up to his shoulders in the turf numerous times per game, and also in part because our WRs look like they’re running routes with all the enthusiasm of a teenager asked to pooperscoop the back yard.

One bright side on our offense is that our rushing game ranks #10, SANS Adrian Peterson.

Our Offensive line needs a major influx of talent. We could conceivably win enough games to get into the post season if we start scoring points again.  Is that possible at this point in the season, or is it time to start narrowing down our 2015 top 10 draft pick?  Because currently, we ARE who they thought we were.

By northwoodsv2

Vikings vs. Lions

Today the Vikings will be attacked by a coalition of Lions, but they are without their offensive leader in Calvin Johnson so the destructive force they are capable of will likely be limited. That is not to say they are without teeth as Reggie Bush can score on almost any play and QB chipmunk face can sling the ball with the best of them. Then there is their defense lead by a dominate DLine who will give QBs nightmares just by seeing the Lions name on their schedule, will Kalil and the rest of the OLine be able to hold up against them and provide Teddy with the time he needs to dissect their average secondary?

Prime Time Pain

The Vikings have added another chapter to their woeful attempts at at making the world believe they’re a football team while underneath the lights of prime time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a scheduled prime time game, or one that’s forced because the stadium had just collapsed, this team has been non-existent in every prime time game they’ve played since way back in the before time … the time outside of memory … that area of haze in the back of your head that got washed further away by the countless number of beers you drank attempting to forget the latest prime time flop.

The Packers handed us 42 donuts before our offense even started to move the ball.  Ponder added a great story to his resume that he’ll be presenting to Wal-Mart in a couple of months.  And now we know for certain that the problem wasn’t all coaching, some players really are just that bad.

So now we have Detroit coming to town in 10-days, who’s sitting atop the division with what looks to be a complete team for the first time in ages.  They may be due for a slump, right?

Vikings @ Green Bay

The Vikings go into battle without their Field General, will the unassuming Ponder be able to rise to the occasion and help salvage the season or will he do what he does best and insure we have a higher draft pick then we should?

NFL Power Rankings Week 5

It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve posted these power rankings. As it turns out, moving takes up too much time to sneak in some blog posts on a regular schedule. But now that the move is over, the power rankings can start back up.

This week, after a great performance by the Vikings against a team that was ranked #2, we see our team move way on up. Unfortunately, poor performances this week by teams that were ranked higher and have already beat us are keeping us from moving even further. Overall, there have been a lot of big moves across the board as teams continue trying to determine their identity. The Packers also performed much better this week than they have yet this year, so they’re making a big move as well, but the Lions still hold the designation as the most powerful team in the division while the Bears took a dive way down to the bottom of the division after that despicable performance against Green Bay.

Below are the rankings as of the end of week 4, along with each team’s move since last week.

6 COLTS +6
8 LIONS +6
10 BILLS 0
11 GIANTS +12
12 CHIEFS +12
14 EAGLES -7
15 49ERS -3
16 TEXANS -1
18 BROWNS -1
22 SAINTS -9
23 BEARS -14
27 JETS -2
28 TITANS -2
29 RAMS +1