Casualties (injuries) of War

Yesterday the Vikings went to battle against the Dirtbags aka the Saints. In that battle many injuries occurred to the brave Vikings and because of that it is uncertain if they will be able to return any time soon. Greenway fought through a broken hand only to be dropped by a nagging rib injury, Rudolph suffered a groin injury and now must under go an MRI to find out how bad it truly is, Josh Robinson left with a hamstring injury, RG Fusco also fell leaving us stuck with Vlad the Offensive penalty machine,and then there was Cassel whose foot was fractured in many places. While all injuries are bad the one to Cassel probably helps the Vikings out the most because it allows Teddy to come in and get experience as well as upping the Vikings chances of being competitive without Adrian in the back field. Hopefully Greenway and the rest are healthy by next Sunday because we need to be at full strength to challenge the high powered Falcons.

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As the world churns…


“Like sands in the hourglass, these are the “Days of our lives” was one of many soap opera’s my mom used to watch when I was a kid. “Search for tomorrow” was another, and as I mentioned above, in the title (with a tweek) “As the world turns”.

All three have a common theme…getting through each day, every day, day by day. That about sums it up for the whirlwind of events that have happened in the NFL-and much closer to home, our beloved Minnesota Vikings.

It seems the entire landscape of the NFL is crumpling before our eyes, like California washing away to the sea, as violent acts continue to crop up with the players.

The media, always driven to turn the screws of the frenzy until they are completely stripped off, is in some ways, just as irresponsible for their actions as the players are. It’s always better to gather the facts at hand first before spitting them out loud.

But, alas, we are just as guilty, as we have become a I want it now society-heck, there is even a commercial about that!

Each of these cases are different, and they will all play out a different way. We are all entitled to our opinions, but at the end of the day, we will always learn something new…as the world churns.

Neil Peart of the Canadian trio rock band Rush wrote this quote as part of the lyrics of a song (from Moving Pictures) called “Witch hunt.” I  thought it appropriate given the circumstances:

“Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand-                                                                                                               ignorance and prejudice, and fear walk hand in hand.”


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Vikings vs. Patriots

The Vikings must defend the homestead as New England tries to invade Minnesota with a unit that is missing one of if not their most powerful weapon in AD, for reasons that need not mentioned. Can the Vikings slaughter the Patriots with only a partial offense? Will Cassel show everyone that he truly did teach Brady everything he knows and crush the Minute Men’s defense in a hellish barrage of Patterson TDs? I have no doubts that this will happen. The only question that I don’t have an answer for is can the Vikings defense show the same dominance they displayed last week against lower tier QBs against one of the Best QBs ever to play the game?



Adrian Peterson Deactivated for Patriots Game

Adrian Peterson

I’m sure many of you have already heard about the breaking news, but it turns out Adrian Peterson has been indicted for injuring his son while disciplining him.  The latest news that I’ve been able to find indicates that among other things, he has been deactivated for Sunday’s game against the Patriots because of this incident.

ap kissing son2

Adrian appears to be a loving father, as depicted in these images, and his full cooperation and honesty about the issue gives credit to his actions for being nothing more than a father disciplining his child, albeit in a manner that is frowned upon in today’s society. Society now has gone so far as to turn these people into criminals. Granted, I do not know the extent of his son’s injury, I still contend that society is going to far in prying into people’s lives in telling them how to handle their children when they misbehave. Too many children these days get away with far too much misbehaving, and it is all due to the fact that parents are terrified to correct the action, because they will be punished for trying to correct their children. So instead, they allow these miscreants to run rampant in the world.

Now the Vikings must figure out how to beat the Patriots without their star running back. With Asiata and McKinnon trying to fill the void, will the Patriots back off and shut down all aspects of the offense? Will they go too far in ignoring the backups, and allow them to have career days? Or will Turner trust them too much, and allow them to make mistakes in critical times during the game? We can only wait and hope that this team is strong enough to scrap together a win against a team that has been a playoff superstar for the past decade.

ap kissing son


Week 1 Power Rankings

Go around the web, and you’re likely to find a bunch of power rankings, most of which have very little to do with the performance of every team, and are much more based on a “gut feel”.  We won’t be doing that here.  After piling together the scores for each week, I’ll be publishing power rankings in as unbiased a manner as I can.  My rankings will be based purely on the scores that teams put up compared against the scores that they allowed.  There’s then a formula to compare each team’s performance against the opposition’s average for the year which should help adjust for ease or difficulty of the opponent.

For the first four weeks, since there will be little to no opponent difficulty averages to compare against, the rankings will be leaning on each team’s strengths from last year.  As more data is collected, lest year will be given less weight to the numbers and the teams will have an accurate grade for the current year.

With that said, here’s the current Power Rankings of the NFL:

Week 1 RANK TEAM Change From Last Year
3 49ERS 0
11 LIONS 2
13 COLTS -3
19 BILLS 3
20 BEARS 1
21 RAVENS -1
24 RAMS -8
25 JETS 2
29 GIANTS -5

I’m sure some of you are saying that some teams, like the Packers, are way too far down on the list.  And, if they are able to keep everybody on the team healthy for the entire year, you’re probably right.  But partially because of injuries last year, they performed poorly, and there is no reason to assume this year is going to be any better for them in that regard.  So we’ll just have to wait and cringe as the inevitable happens and they start climbing up the list, right behind the Vikings the entire way.  

Final 34 – 6

The Vikings marched into St. Louis and decimated the Rams in a battle that surely has shocked all those without a brain. This battle wasn’t without casualties though as Floyd, Rhodes, and J-Rob were all injured in one way or another. The extent of these injuries is unknown, but the one that looked the most severe was Floyd. He didn’t move hardly at all while on the ground in a heap, hopefully everything will be ok. As for Rhodes his injury is a groin injury, which usually almost always stick around for awhile. If that is the case then next week may be grim as we face one of the Best QBs in the league Tom Brady. With all that doom and gloom out of the way let us congratulate our rookie Head Coach Mike Zimmer on a great game and his first ever win. He had a great gameplan and it worked to perfection and the players we all thought were garbage under Fraizer showed what happens when you have a coach who can coach his players up. This was the first of 16 regular season battles and it was glorious.


………..VIKINGS 2014…………. Thoughts and predictions

Football season is finally upon us once again as we prepare to watch our Vikings battle the Rams.

We already know that Green Bay lost to Seattle last night and are officially in LAST place in the NFC North!

Mike Zimmer has brought a focus and mindset to Minnesota that, frankly has not been seen since the Grant years. He has also given us fans hope that the Vikings will not only be a formidable matchup to any opponent in our path, but also, our team in purple are on the verge to something special.

Although Teddy Bridgewater will not be the day one starter, he will get his chance to shine, and when that happens, he will be the starter for a long, long time.


Here is my prediction for the NFC North:

Minnesota:  10-6 (Division winner)

Green Bay:  9-7

Chicago:      8-8

Detroit         7-9


The Vikings have amassed a lot of talent in a few short years…and they are ready to explode on Gameday!

Good luck to Zimmer and our Vikings-SKOL!





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